Regulations Applicable to Storm Water
Code TX Citation FED Citation UTA Policy Name of Regulation Description of Regulation Key Control Point Task Definition Contact Person Trigger Date Deadline Date
SW - 1 30 TAC 205 40 CFR 122, 40 CFR 123   General Permit for Waste Discharges. Authorizes discharges of waste into or adjacent to waters in the state of Texas. Unauthorized discharges prohibited. Permits must be applied for, received and posted before any earth moving activity begins. Environmental Manager Start of each project  
SW - 2 TPDES General Permit TXR 150000 p.3 SWPPP for Construction Activities   SWPPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan) Requirements for erosion and sedimentation control plans and permits prior to initiating earth moving activities. Construction projects <1 acre do not require a SWPPP. Small construction projects (1-5 acres) require a SWPPP. Large construction projects (>5 acres) require a SWPP, NOI and NOT. Review/approve SWPPP before any earth moving activity begins. Environmental Manager; Storm Water Safety Specialist SWPPP must be provided for review before a project is scheduled to begin.  
SW - 3 30 TAC 319 40 CFR 125.63   General Regulations incorporated into permits (Monitoring and Reporting Requirements)
All holders of waste discharge permits are required to periodically report the status of their compliance with the terms and conditions of their permits. Conduct monthly sampling of all Parameters listed in the permit and prepare a monthly effluent Report. Samples are collected and analyzed monthly to dermine the presence of water pollution. Safety Specialist-Storm Water 1st of the month End of each month
SW - 4 30 TAC 327.5 40 CFR 112.20   Spill Prevention and Control (Action Requirements) Action required in case of a spill.
The responsible person shall immediately abate and contain the spill through actions listed in the regulation The List of actions required in the event of a spill should be followed accordingly to abate the effects. Storm Water Safety Specialist, additional EH&S Staff, Eagle (if needed) As needed  
SW - 5 30 TAC 327.4 40 CFR 117   Spill Prevention and Control (Reportable Quantities) Lists reportable quantities for hazardous substances. List of Reportable Quantities List of Reportable Quantities Environmental Manager As needed  
SW - 6 TPDES General Permit TXR 150000 p.34 (7) (a) Stormwater Program   Inspections of Controls Personnel must inspect disturbed areas of the construction site that have not been finally stabilized. A knowledgeable personnel must conduct weekly inspections of construction sites. Site to be walked by owner (UTA), contractor and OFPC (large construction projects). Storm Water Safety Specialist Every Tuesday Every Tuesday