UTA Office of Sustainability Policies and Procedures
Code TX Citation FED Citation UTA Policy Name of Regulation Description of Regulation Task Definition Contact Person Trigger Date Deadline Date
SUS-1     Procedure 10-3 Anti-Idling Procedure Reducing the idling on campus and maintaining a healthy air quality. Implementation, training, monitoring, and enforcement activities that will support the sustainability policies of The University of Texas System and the University of Texas at Arlington by reducing unnecessary exhaust fumes caused by excessive idling by vehicles weighing over 14,000 pounds. Idling is limited to 5 minutes, with exceptions listed within this procedure. Director, Office of Sustainability Ongoing N/ASUS
SUS-2     Procedure10-4 Recycling Procedure Implementing and supporting the recyling initiative on campus. Placement of recycle bins and trash bins are described, how paper, cardboard, plastic bottles/aluminum cans, batteries, printer cartridges and techno trash may be collected for recycling. Director, Office of Sustainability Ongoing N/A
SUS-3     Procedure10-2 Green Building Procedure All construction-related activities that impact sustainability for the University of Texas at Arlington. Energy efficiency, forms of renewable energy production, waste management, and environmental health are the core focus. The Green Building Procedure provides a means to save money, foster environmental awareness, reduce the environmental impact of the University and provide regional and national leadership. Director, Office of Sustainability Ongoing N/A
SUS-4     HOP-305 Sustainability Policy Promote and support sustainability initiatives on campus related to transportation, energy conservation, water conservation, waste reduction, green dining, building and development, carbon footprint reduction, landscape and habitat, and academics. The University of Texas at Arlington is striving to become a leader in campus sustainability through the efforts of administration, faculty, staff, and students. The University is actively engaged in greening facility operations, promoting innovative research, supporting and encouraging student initiatives, implementing environmental and sustainability focused curriculum, and sponsoring community and public service initiatives. Through these actions, its goal is to develop an institutional model of sustainability for society while performing its academic mission. Director, Office of Sustainability Ongoing N/A