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Chemical Safety/Hazardous Waste

 Ramon Ruiz

Ramon Ruiz
Environmental & Laboratory Program Manager
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The Chemical Safety Program is devoted to maintaining safety in research and teaching laboratories and all university areas where hazardous chemicals are used or stored by training individuals and inspecting laboratories and work areas.  Other goals include to facilitate UT Arlington’s regulatory compliance with all applicable local, state, and federal waste management regulations by properly transporting, storing, and disposing of regulated waste; and to facilitate the operations and waste minimization efforts of the various departments and divisions of UT Arlington.

Manuals and Guidelines


NEW!!  UT Arlington Chemical Safety, 8-11

Minors in Laboratories or Similar Facilities

Care of Scientific Glassware

Compressed Gas Cylinders

Cryogenic Fluids

Flammable Liquids Storage Guide

Glove Procedures

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Disposal of Empty Chemical Containers

Lab Chemical Fume Hoods

Lab Chemical Spills

Lab Electrical Equipment

Mercury Spill Clean-up

Peroxide Forming Chemicals

Personal Protective Equipment

Piranha Solution

Pyrophoric Reagents

Toxic Gas Use


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Chemical Environmental Management System (CEMS)