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Workers' Compensation

babbitt_c photo Tracy Gardner , Caron Miller
Workers' Compensation Claims Analyst
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The UT Arlington Workers' Compensation Claims Analysts serve as liaisons between UT Arlington employees who have experienced work-related injuries, the injured employees' supervisors, and the UT System Workers' Compensation Claims Analyst by investigating each injury and submitting appropriate reports in a timely fashion. The UT System Insurance Carrier will determine whether or not a claim is compensable. The UT Arlington Claims Analysts also serve as advocates for our injured employees throughout the process of their claims, and make every effort to negotiate modified duty work assignments when appropriate and possible. Claims Analysts are also available to provide ongoing Workers' Compensation consultation and training to all UT Arlington staff.

24-Hour Injury Report Line: (817) 272-5563
(After office hours you may call this number to report an injury on voice mail.)

 UT System has contracted with the Injury Management Organization Med-Select Network® (IMO) to provide medical treatment for UT System employees with
work-related injuries or illnesses.


Employees injured on the job are required to go to a network treating doctor for all health care relating to their injury, unless it is an emergency. Employees who have a medical emergency should go to the closest urgent care center or emergency room. If health care is received from someone other than a network provider without network approval, employees may have to pay the bill.


Workers' Compensation Insurance

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Employee Blood & Body Fluid Exposure Guidelines

Manuals and Guidelines

NEW!  Training Overview: How to Handle and Report Work Related Injuries


Supervisor's Report of Employee Work-Related Injury or Occupational Illness

Employee's Report of Work-Related Injury or Occupational Illness

Notification of Work-Related Injury or Occupational Disease

Workers' Compensation Pharmacy Information

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Workers' Compensation Network Acknowledgement (English)

Workers' Compensation Network Acknowledgement (Spanish)

Workers' Compensation Network Acknowledgement (Vietnamese)

Notice of Network Requirements for UT System (English)

Notice of Network Requirements for UT System (Spanish)

Notice of Network Requirements for UT System (Vietnamese)

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