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Energy Conservation at UTA

At UT Arlington, and all other Colleges and Universities as well as public and private businesses, utility management was and continues to be a never ending challenge. With the enormous increase in fuel and utility costs, energy conservation is now critical to any College or University's survival. Every effort must be made to conserve utilities to enable resources to be used where they are essential to the academic mission and to hold down costs to keep tuition and fees to a minimum. This conservation may also help provide faculty and staff wage increases to meet inflation. It is projected that utility costs could more than double, almost triple, between now and January 2007 at UT Arlington. UT Arlington's Administration and Facilities Management has accepted this challenge and will implement an energy conservation program that will result in a yearly utility and operations savings of just over $2,250,000.00 with simple payback of only eight years, for a total saving of $18,000,000.00. After the eight years, UT Arlington will continue to save and be able to use this saving for mission essential requirements.

UT Arlington selected Siemens Building Technologies (Siemens) to perform energy and infrastructure analysis of its facilities. Throughout the physical survey, energy conservation and facility improvements were identified. UTA and Siemens studied the Energy Cost Reduction Measures (ECRM's) and have identified 18 that have the most potential for energy and operations savings, while improving overall occupant comfort. Among these 18 ECRM's will be the addition of a new 4,000 ton satellite chilled water plant, transformer upgrades, comprehensive lighting retrofits, occupancy sensors, air handling unit replacement, high efficiency motor upgrades, and HVAC improvements to the UTA Regional Communication Center, NanoFab, Swift Center, Maverick Stadium and Wetsel Building. The implementation of this program is scheduled to begin in early fall of 2006 and has a twelve month completion schedule. UT Arlington will not only save critical resources but this will help in UT Arlington's intended efforts to be environmentally responsible, economically profitable, and a healthy place in which to live and work.

TXU and Siemens are working together to identify all the savings that qualify within the Texas and TXU Rebate Program Guidelines. TXU and Siemens have made one full day evaluation and have scheduled additional visits. This may provide additional resources to continue other UTA energy savings and facility improvements.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact The Office of Facilities Management at 817-272-3571.