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Space Resource Allocation Committee (SRAC)

The SRAC is responsible for developing policies and plans that promote stewardship of all University space resources including academic, auxiliary, and research spaces; ensuring that such policies and plans align with the University Strategic Plan; and prioritizing institutional needs for equitable and efficient allocations of space resources.

The SRAC is comprised of members from various campus constituents that embody a holistic view of University space resources regarding space planning and management decisions. These members include:

  • Vice President for Administration and Economic Development (Chair) ,
  • Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, 
  • Vice President of Research and Innovation,
  • Vice President for Enrollment Management,
  • Vice President for Student Affairs,
  • Associate Vice Provost for Student Success,
  • Assistant Vice President of Facilities Management and Campus Operations,
  • Space Inventory Manager (non-voting member),
  • Representative of the Deans’ Council, and
  • Representative of the Chair of Faculty Senate or designee

Requesting Space Allocation and/or Renovation

It’s important that requestors are familiar with both SRAC's  policies and procedures prior to submitting a a space request form.

All requests to the SRAC must be submitted at least two weeks before the scheduled meeting date and requests tied to the start of the fall semester should be submitted to the SRAC no later than the preceding April 1st.

Click here to download the request form. After download, you can fill in the form directly from the Acrobat program. Once completed with space request details, save the file and send as an attachment to

See below for upcoming SRAC meetings:

     July 20, 2023

     October 19, 2023

     January 25, 2024

     April 18, 2024

 Academic and Administrative Building Floorplans

Faculty and staff can request access to online floorplans by clicking here: CASIM Access Request Form



Send any questions and/or comments to