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Space Inventory Management

Facilities Management utilizes the web-based CASIM system to track the university's facilities space inventory. Providing department allocation, use of space, and square footages, CASIM provides mandatory reporting to the state as well as serving as a useful tool for internal decision-makers.

CASIM's multiple features are accessible based on permission levels granted by the CASIM Administrator. Shown below are multiple resources to help you gain access and navigate the system. 


Click here to Request CASIM Access

Click here to visit the CASIM Website

Click here to jump to the CASIM User Tutorials

Click here to jump to the Survey Codes - THECB Reference Materials

Click here to jump to the Online Notification Forms

Click here to view the Space Inventory Reporting - Policies & Procedures


CASIM User Tutorials

The following video tutorials are provided to help you navigate the CASIM website. Note: you may need to adjust the volume on your speakers to listen to the audio portion of these tutorials.  

GENERAL USERS (Webinar Recordings)
  - Logging In  (0:40)
  - Floor Plan View & Print (4:15)
  - Reports - View, Export, and Print (Firefox compatible)  (5:18)

  - Intro - Overview and Reference Materials  (22:33)
  - Logging In  (0:40)
  - Accessing Room Surveys  (4:44)
  - Filling Out Survey Forms - Part 1 of 3  (5:22)
  - Filling Out Survey Forms - Part 2 of 3  (5:23)
  - Filling Out Survey Forms - Part 3 of 3  (10:44)
  - Submit Department as "Complete"  (0:59)
  - 2017 Updates  (5:58)

RESEARCH SURVEYS (Webinar Recordings)
  - Filling Out Research Survey Forms  (6:00)

Survey Codes - THECB Reference Materials

The following reference materials are provided to assist you in completing the Annual Space Survey.

Space Use Codes . ./ . * Lab Types - Identifier Chart
Function Codes
CIP Codes

THECB Code Manual

Online Notification Forms

Use one of the following forms to notify the CASIM group of any Move/Relocation of department, reassignment of Space Use, or Floor Plan Inaccuracies.

Space Use Reassignment
Floor Plan Inaccuracies


  Amber Campbell - Space Inventory Specialist
  (817) 272-6336, 

  Amelia Firsching - CASIM Administrator
  (817) 272-0474,