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Access Control and Alarm Management

Mav Express manages over 1,500 access control and alarm locations throughout the UT Arlington campuses.

Mav Express offers two types of access control systems, both of which require the use of the Mav Express card.

  1. The on-line system is a server based system hardwired to our private network. The on-line system utilizes CBORD manufactured hardware and application software.
  2. The off-line system uses stand-alone battery operated locks manufactured by Schlage and programmed with Locknetics software.

The on-line and off-line systems are coordinated through the on-line database to ensure current credentials are used for access.

On-line systems provide for remote management and alarm monitoring of door locations. User changes can be automated through computer downloads.

1. This allows for automatic cancellation of access for those no longer employed or attending classes.

2. A full trail is maintained of all events. The number of active users is unlimited. Mav Express provides for all maintenance and repair to network, device, and software.

3. Mav Express staff handles all maintenance, most repairs, and some in-house installations.

4. CBORD and other contractors are contracted for most installations and some repair work.

Off-line access control systems are retrofit lock devices that replace mechanical lockset

1. They offer many of the same options as on-line, including: full audit trails, time zone controls on both users and doors, option of card only or card plus pin access credentials.

2. Off-line locks are battery powered and require that we visit the lock for programming and retrieving audit trails.

3. All off-line locks are installed and maintained by Mav Express staff.

Debit Plans

Mav Express currently manages 6 debit plans for the UT Arlington community

1. Mav Money- primary debit plan- accepted at various photocopiers, laundry facilities, all campus retail dining locations, and some specified off campus locations.

2. Sponsored Student Debit Accounts - limited to food purchases only.

3. Dining Dollars - part of a meal plan package and may be used at Dining Services facilities only

4. Camp & Conference debit plans are for guests and operate the same as Mav Money account.

5. Print Quota - Camp & Conference Print quotas are for lab printing based on pre-determined qualifications.  This is not real money and no refunds are given from this account

6. Copy & Print accounts are primarily funded through departments.


Mav Express uses the entitlement portion of our software application to verify a cardholder’s right to service. We currently manage readers to provide access to the following services:  Activities Building entry, Campus Recreation equipment checkout, Aerobics class entry, Health Services, Counseling and Career Development, Student Employment, University Advising, Business Computer Labs, Campus Elections, Attorney for the Students and TASP class attendance

Departments using the entitlement program are provided with monthly and semester demographics reports on users.  Demographic reports provide useful information on who is using which services at what times. This allows a department to better tailor its services to its customers.

Meal Plans

The Housing and University Center department sells multiple meal plan options. Mav Express manages the software and equipment that allows individuals with meal plans to procure meals at the proper time and location. We program the meal schedules and options for each plan to ensure each person gets only the meals they purchased. Mav Express provides reports on meals procured and other relevant information.

Time and Attendance

Mav Express provides a system for employees to clock in and out for work and generate time sheets. Departments can use this system to verify employees’ hours worked and generate reports. Over 50 departments and approximately 1500 people currently use the Mav Express system to clock in and out for work.

I.D. Card Production

The Mav Express office provides UT Arlington identification cards to all students, faculty, staff, and limited guests, contractors, and vendors. We also provide Campus Recreation Cards, AmeriCorps Cards, Summer Camp & Conference Cards, and various special order cards and nametags.