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About the Crime Prevention Program

While all police personnel are oriented to the concept of crime prevention, the Crime Prevention Officer attends many advanced training schools to keep his/her level of expertise current at all times. This officer acts as the Department's liaison to the campus community.

Program and information available from the Crime Prevention Officer include, but are not limited to: new student orientation; new employee orientation; campus safety; personal safety; Operation Identification; bicycle registration; property and home protection; Texas Help End Auto TheftRegistration (H.E.A.T.); security surveys for residences and departments on campus, theft prevention; robbery prevention techniques; and basic assault/date rape prevention.

These and other programs are available upon request and are presented throughout the year to groups on campus. Additionally, the Crime Prevention Officer participates in the annual Student Congress Night Walk during which student representatives walk the campus and make suggestions on lighting and other areas of concern. The Police Department, Environmental Health and Safety Office, and the Physical Plant are watchful for safety and security considerations in campus maintenance. Inspections of campus facilities by Physical Plant personnel are made regularly so repairs affecting safety and security can be made. Concerns regarding potential safety or security hazards may be reported to any of these groups. The Police Department's phone number is (817) 272-3381.

Anyone desiring information on crime prevention programs or related literature may contact the Crime Prevention Officer, Corporal Jerry Blanco, (817) 272-3902 or