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Event Security Request Form


Submit your request at least two weeks prior to the event. If you have questions about this form or other issues concerning security requests, please contact Captain Mike McCord at 817-272-2536.


Email address:

Phone number:

Primary contact:
If different from above, list someone we can contact before and during the event.

Name of Event:

Brief description of event:


Will alcohol be served? Yes No

Date and time:  Date

 Begin time        End time
Please include the beginning and ending date(s) and time(s).

(All items required)
Attendance: (Required)
  Please give us an estimate number attending your event.

Guards/Officers: If you know the number of guards or officers you need, indicate below.



IDT or address:

Special Instructions:

I understand that my IP address will be submitted with this form to establish accountability in the event of harassing and/or fraudulent form submissions.