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Silent Witness Form

Crime on campus interferes with the learning process, disrupts the quality of life, and indirectly increases tuition.

If you have seen a crime on campus or have been a victim of a crime on campus yourself and would like to report it anonymously, please complete this form. All information will remain confidential, this report will not have your return email address on it.

What kind of crime occurred? (required)
Where did the crime occur? Please choose from the list or type in "Other location" below: (required) Apartments
Residence Halls
Campus Building
Parking Lot
Other Location
On what Date did the crime occur?
Enter date like this: mm/dd/yyyy (required)
What Time did the crime occur? Please enter in the format hh:mm am/pm (required)
Please describe the Incident or crime. If you want to include your name and contact number do so here, if not that's ok.
Please describe the Suspect. Include name if known, and details such as age, sex, race, hair/eye color, tattoos, clothing, or any other distinguishing marks.
NOTE: Submitting information through the Silent Witness program does not constitute filing an official police report.