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Lost and Found

The UTA Police Lost and Found office is the official custodian of items found and turned in by various departments on campus.  You can contact the Property Custodian, Senior Public Safety Officer Richard Knight, at 817.272.2904.

  • All unclaimed items are kept for 90 days and then disposed per State of Texas law in Code of Criminal Procedure, Article 18.17 (Disposition of Abandoned or Unclaimed Property).
  • Food and drink containers are usually discarded.
  • Data sensitive materials are destroyed if unclaimed.

For lost Mav Express cards, please contact the Mav Express office at 817.272.2645. 

If you lost an item in any of the UT Arlington campus buildings, please contact faculty/staff in those buildings prior to contacting the Lost and Found office.

Please be detailed in describing the item you have lost so we can identify your keys, for example, from the 30 other sets of keys turned in each month. Details that are helpful include: brand name, color, size, shape, model number, quantity, material (leather, plastic, fabric, metal, etc.), size, special features, tags or labels, etc.