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Police Services


  • Security Escorts
  • Vehicle Jumpstarts
  • Vehicle Unlocks
  • Lost and Found
  • Bicycle Registration

Security Escorts

Personal security escorts are available upon request from UTA Police Department at 817.272.3381.

Vehicle Jumpstarts

UTA Police will assist motorists on the campus needing a jump start for their vehicle by calling 817.272.3381.

A Message Regarding Vehicle Unlocks

The UTA Police Department does not provide vehicle unlock assistance. The Department does offer assistance to those that have been locked out of their vehicle as follows:

  • Upon request for vehicle unlock assistance, the Communications Operator will notify the caller that the UTA Police Department does not offer the service.

  • The Communications Operator will provide contact information for services available in the area and offer to call a service provider in the area.

  • The dispatcher will advise the caller that an officer/guard may be dispatched to the caller's location to escort them to the nearest occupied campus location for safety/security precautions and to facilitate contacting unlock services or friend/family.

Lost and Found

The "Lost and Found" is located in the UTA Police Station and is open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays. Other "Lost and Found" locations on campus include:

  • The Libraries;
  • Activities Building Checkout Counter;
  • Housing;
  • University Center Office;
  • UTA Bookstore; and
  • School of Nursing in Pickard Hall

For additional information, you may contact Sr. PSO Richard Knight at 817.272.2904.

Bicycle Registration