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There are many job opportunities for you within the University Center, including event set-up, tech crew, building supervisors, or customer service positions at the Campus Information Center, Bowling & Billiards, or the Post Office.  Take a look and find out what might work for you.  All job openings for the UC are posted online!  Go to SnapJobs to apply.  Work-study positions are available at all positions with the exception of those at the Mailboxes.

Reservation Assistant

The student representative of our operation. Our assistants are experts of customer service and always greet our students, staff, faculty, and guests with a warm and friendly smile. Their job responsibilities include answering questions regarding room availability and set-up, responding to guest needs about their events in and around our building, and ensuring that all details have been collected for the more than 500 events in our building every week. 

Crew Member

A Crew Member supports the UC by completing all necessary event set-ups, tear-downs and room turnovers for every event that occurs within the building. This is a physical job and requires a staff that enjoys building teamwork through physical labor. As a Crew Member, you will witness the event planning process from the bottom—and quickly see how your job is integral in the success of an event. Be prepared to lift tables, stack chairs and build stages, but your job will be new every day never boring! 

Crew Leaders

Crew Leaders often serve as the middleman between the Crew Members and the Building Supervisors in managing and organizing the work schedule of the crew. Crew Leaders work consistently with the same Crew Members so they can provide feedback and guidance to new and returning employees. At times, Crew Leaders may act as an additional Building Supervisor, depending on the events occurring within the UC. A Crew Leader is highly involved in organizing and executing event set-ups and tear-downs. By knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the crew members, a Crew Leader can devise the best plan of action for maximum event set up efficiency. 

Building Supervisor

As a Building Supervisor, you have the opportunity to supervise peer employees while also managing the operations of the UC. Building Supervisors are responsible for the functionality of the building by assessing the needs of students, departments and clients hosting and attending events as well as addressing maintenance or technical issues. Building Supervisors respond to radio calls for requests and concerns that occur throughout the day while also supervising the Crew Members in completing event set-ups. This position requires an individual with superior customer service skills and the ability to adapt to scenarios quickly. 

Senior Building Supervisor

Senior Building Supervisors are tenured student staff members that assist the professional staff with all portions of the event planning process. Senior Building Supervisors will work with professional staff with scheduling needs, evaluation and training of student staff and the hiring and interviewing process of potential student employees.  As a seasoned staff member, Senior Building Supervisors typically have experienced multiple areas of working as a student staff, so they can relate to the challenges that students might be happening. Senior Building Supervisors are often viewed as a resource and mentor for the Building Supervisors, Crew Leaders and Crew Members. 

Assistant Technician

Assistant Technicians for the UC maintain equipment to ensure its readiness, and complete technical equipment set-ups and removal for events taking place in the UC as well as on campus.  This position also completes equipment checks and other tasks.


Technicians for the UC maintain equipment to ensure its readiness, and complete technical equipment set-ups and removal for events taking place in the UC as well as on campus.  This position also completes equipment checks and other tasks.

Senior Technician

The Senior Technician for the UC schedules shifts, maintains inventory, ensures readiness of equipment, and directs and assists technicians on their tasks.  This vital member of our staff is in charge of setting up technical equipment for event in the UC and on campus. 

Campus Information Center Assistant

The Campus Information Center is located on the main floor and provides friendly and knowledgeable assistance for those navigating the UC or traveling from one side of campus to another.  The CIC is staffed seven days a week including evenings by student leaders who answer questions, provide directions and share a welcoming smile.    In addition to exceptional customer service, CIC staff members work with lost and found items and check out equipment to student organizations holding events on the UC mall.   If going above and beyond to welcome and assist students, faculty, staff and guests is appealing to you, check out employment opportunities at the Campus Information Center.

Mailbox Student Staff

Mailbox Student Staff - These student staff members help keep mail flowing on campus!  They are responsible for counter and cash register operation, mail & package pick-up, mail sorting, and operational reports.

Recycle Assistant

Recycle Assistant - Campus Departmental eWaste pickup, sorting, weighing, packaging of eWaste for recycle, recording of recycle information, and recycling promotion.

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