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Foster Agreement


The UTA Campus Cat Coalition does not have a facility to house rescued animals, so for now we rely on compassionate and caring animal lovers who are willing to volunteer as a Foster Parent(s).  Foster Parents provide a home  environment  for  our  rescued  animals  while  they  await  permanent  placement.  Foster  Parents provide a less stressful environment  than a shelter, pound, or other facility, and speed up the socialization process by allowing the animal to interact with people regularly.  Foster Parents are essential to the welfare and proper placement of our animals as they increase the animals’ chance of

finding a loving, permanent home by evaluating the animal and providing our adoption counselors with a profile of the animal’s character and personality -- all of which serve to facilitate the best possible permanent match.


The UTA CCC would like your experience as a Foster Parent to be a good one, therefore it is important that you read and understand the following requirements for foster homes before committing to foster a cat or kitten(s):


In consideration for the UTA Campus Cat Coalition. entrustment to me of one or more foster cats and/or kittens, regardless of  the  source  of  the  animal,  and  for  other  good  and  valuable  consideration,  whether  admitted  into  the  UTA Campus Cat Coalition  System  at  my  request,  and/or  already  belonging  to  the UTA Campus Cat Coalition,  I, (referred  to  herein  as  Foster  Parent),  hereby  agree  to  the following terms and conditions of the UTA Campus Cat Coalition’ foster care program:  


 1. Foster Parent must complete a Volunteer Application and a Foster Care Application prior to

fostering UTA Campus Cat Coalition  animals so that we may obtain appropriate background  and contact information.


2.. Foster Parent and  their family agree  to  follow  all  relevant  procedures and guidelines  regarding any UTA Campus Cat Coalition animals placed in their care, and will make no decisions or take any actions regarding the animal(s) veterinary care (including euthanasia) or placement (temporary or permanent) without prior approval from  the UTA Campus Cat Coalition.  Foster Parent further agrees to respect any decisions made by the UTA Campus Cat Coalition regarding the animal and to help execute these decisions when possible.  The animal remains the property of the UTA Campus Cat Coalition  and can be removed from the Foster Parent’s home at any time and without prior notice.


3.  Foster  Parent  agrees  to  provide  the  animal  entrusted  to  their  care  with adequate,  nutritious  food, water, shelter,  affection,  socialization,  and  exercise  as  they would  their  own  pets.    The  Foster  Parent  agrees  to provide  any  basic  training  or  treatment  necessary  to  the  well  being  of  the  animal  and  to  help  increase adoptability.   Foster Parent further agrees to treat the animal in a kind and respectful manner, encouraging good behavior and confidence in order to create a more well adjusted, adoptable animal.  Foster Parent will not

strike or otherwise physically harm any foster animal, or allow anyone else, relative or otherwise to do so.  At  no time during which Foster Parent is entrusted with any UTA Campus Cat Coalition animal(s) will the number of animals - personal  and  fosters  combined  -  in  my  home  (including  garage)  exceed  that which  can  be  cared  for  in  a sanitary and healthy manner. The Foster Parent will not be compensated for expenses incurred in the normal daily care of the animal, including but not limited to food, water, shelter and room and board.


4. The Foster Parent agrees  to  keep the animal indoors at all  times, and segregated from all  other animals. 

Foster Parent further agrees to permit a UTA Campus Cat Coalition representative to enter the Foster Home for the purpose of inspection of the animal and/or the premises with 24-hours notice, and to allow for immediate removal of the animal if the situation warrants, at the sole discretion of the UTA Campus Cat Coalition’s representative.


5.  Foster Parent agrees to notify the UTA Campus Cat Coalition’s  foster coordinator immediately of any kind of problem concerning the animal that should arise during foster care.


6. Foster Parent understands that this agreement does not in any way confer upon Foster Parent the right to independently rescue animals under the auspices of the UTA Campus Cat Coalition, and that the UTA Campus Cat Coalition reserves and has the right and the sole discretion to admit any independently rescued animals into its system.   


7.  Although Foster Parent may by necessity  come  in  contact with  previous owners and/or  foster parents, or with  future and  potential adopters,  this  contact  should  be  limited  to  that pre-approved  by  the UTA Campus Cat Coalition’s foster coordinator.  Foster Parents should not solicit contact with previous owners after the animals are placed in foster care, nor with new owners after adoption.  


8.  Foster Parent further agrees to foster exclusively with the Campus Cat Coalition, and with no other rescue group, shelter or pound until such time as all of their assigned foster animals have been permanently adopted and written notice of Foster Parent’ intent to terminate this agreement has been received and accepted by the Campus Cat Coalition.


9. The Campus Cat Coalition will provide veterinary care for all foster animals through designated Partner Veterinarians only.  Expenses for services obtained from other sources shall be the financial responsibility of the Foster Parent unless specifically pre-approved by the Campus Cat Coalition.  The veterinarians working with the Campus Cat Coalition  bill the Campus Cat Coalition  directly for approved medical services provided to our animals.  In

the event the Foster Parent expends funds for pre-approved emergency veterinary care, the UTA Campus Cat Coalition will reimburse Foster Parent.  Foster Parent must be available to transport fosters to the vet as needed utilizing an approved pet carrier, will administer proper medications as prescribed by our participating veterinarians, and will abide by any recommendations made by the animal.s veterinarian or the Campus Cat Coalition.  


10. Fostering is not a short-term event, and can last several weeks, possibly even months.  During that time, Foster Parent agrees to bring the foster animal to and from each weekend Adopt-A-Pet event for which they are scheduled, unless other arrangements have been made in advance.  If the animal is not adopted that weekend, Foster Parent agrees to return to pick the animal up and care for him/her until the animal is permanently adopted.  


11. All animals placed in foster care are the property of the Campus Cat Coalition  and must be returned to the Campus Cat Coalition upon request.  The foster animal cannot be transferred to another party or another location without prior approval from the UTA Campus Cat Coalition.  The foster animal is to be adopted to its permanent home ONLY under approval of the Campus Cat Coalition, and our standard adoption policies and fees will apply.  Foster Parent may refer potential adopters directly to the Campus Cat Coalition.  If the Foster Parent is interested in adopting their foster animal, our standard adoption policies apply, including completing an adoption contract as well as paying an adoption fee 


Foster Parent's Check Here Indicates Acceptance of the Terms:


Foster Parent understands that this is a legally binding contract governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas, it represents the entire agreement between Foster Parent and the Campus Cat Coalition, and cannot be modified unless there is a written agreement executed by both parties.  Foster Parent agrees that venue of any action brought in connection with this agreement shall be exclusively in Tarrant County, Texas, and the courts in Tarrant County, Texas shall have exclusive jurisdiction over such action.  Foster Parent further agrees that they will not raise any defense or objection or file any motion based on lack of personal jurisdiction, improper venue, inconvenience of

the forum, or the like in any case filed in Tarrant County, Texas.  The undersigned Foster Parent hereby acknowledges having read the terms of this agreement and does hereby agree to abide by each of the rules of fostering set forth above.   








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Please remember that all of the Campus Cat Coalition’s participating veterinarians have active, for-profit practices, and generously give of their time based upon their commitment to ending the problem of pet overpopulation. They deserve respect and courtesy as they do their best to adjust their regular schedules to accommodate cats and kittens in our adoption program.


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