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Oozeball Rules

Rules of the Mud for Oozeball

  1. TEAMS – A game is played with two teams of six players per team but can be started and played with five. At least two female players per team.
  2. SCORING – Rally point scoring will be used. All games will be to 11 points. All games will have a 15 minute time limit. All games will end when the first team reaches 11 points. i.e. games can be won with an 11-10 margin.
  3. POSITIONS – There are three back court players and three front court players. Players may change positions before the next serve. Players must serve in order and rotate clockwise. If a team gets out of order and the error is discovered during service, all points scored during the serve are canceled and it will be a side out.
  4. BOUNDARIES – A ball is out of bounds and becomes dead when it touches the ground completely outside the court’s boundary lines. A player may go outside the court to play the ball but may not step over the center line. The foot may be on the center line but not all the way over it. A player may not touch the net or its cable nor reach over it to play the ball. However, the ball may be played off the net.
  5. SERVE – The server may serve from any position on the backline but may not step in bounds until after the ball is served. Let serves are legal. Do not serve until after the official blows the whistle.
  6. BALL HANDLING – The ball must be clearly hit without lifting or pushing it. A team may play the ball a maximum of three times before sending it over. The ball may be played in any order before being sent over to the other side.
    1. If an official makes an error
    2. If there is an injured player
    3. If there is a double foul
  9. SAFETY – horse play in the mud is not allowed. Do not throw mud at the officials or opponents, your team may be disqualified

Download rules here