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Top Reasons to Participate

  1. All classes offered are modified to suit all physical activity levels, which means anyone interested in attaining a great workout in a team environment can participate. Awesome music and passionate instructors will inspire an exhilarating, fun and effective workout for you.
  2. Participants forget they are working out because they are having so much fun.
  3. Learn how to exercise properly, safely and effectively.
  4. Enjoy camaraderie and moral support in a social atmosphere.
  5. Enjoy flexibility – the frequency and number of classes offered is sure to fit into your schedule.
  6. Gain a feeling of well-being.
  7. Participating in different formats adds variety and the idea of cross training to pre-existing exercise regimens to stimulate muscular strength and endurance.
  8. Many opportunities to receive your daily endorphin high in the many classes offered.
  9. Feel a sense of achievement, making you feel stronger and more confident.
group exercise class

How can you sign up?

Sign up for fitness program and services at the Services & Information Desk at the MAC.

Maverick Activities Center (The MAC)