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Massage Therapy

Full body, back and neck, and foot massages are all available at the MAC. All massage therapists are registered.

Massage Therapist Bio

Name: Tiffany Harper

2008 Graduate of the North Texas School of Swedish Massage
License #: MT104952

2012 Graduate with a Bachelor of Science in University Studies

After 20 years of building and running businesses in the salon industry with my family it is no surprise that I am practicing massage therapy. 
Before starting my practice at UTA I spent 2 ½ years working in chiropractic offices in both Arlington and Watauga.
I have also have 4 years of providing massage services backstage to musical performers such as: Rob Zombie, Disturbed, Journey, Anthrax and A Perfect Circle.

Training Philosophy:
The Mind/Body Connection is a powerful thing, through massage I hope to bring a balance and improved health to both the Physical and Psychological areas of my clients' lives.

Fees for massage therapy

$20 (20 minutes*)
$35 (45 minutes*)

* All times are approximate.

You must purchase a ticket prior to a massage therapy session. Proof of purchased ticket will be requested before each appointment. Tickets may be purchased during regular office hours. No-shows for massage therapy may be charged the full cost of the session.

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How can you sign up?

Massage appointments are available to all MAC members by calling 817-272-3277 or stopping by the Services & Information Desk of the MAC.

Maverick Activities Center (The MAC)