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Therapeutic Massage Testimonials

  • “Wes is awesome! He has truly helped me manage and maintain health through massage therapy. Wes is very in tuned to needs and methods available for preventative care, relaxation, and stress relief.” – Lindsay Lookingbill
  • ​“My visits to Wesley have been extremely beneficial.  My lower back was bothering me, and Wesley provided  complete and comprehensive massages that resolved my issue.  An added benefit was the relaxing environment!” - Sharon Carey
  • ​"THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! You have no idea how much better I feel. I hope you know how greatly I appreciate what you do, the time you spend, and the care you provide. You're the best." - Arielle Geiser
  • ​"I'm a UTA student and have never received a massage before so I was definitely somewhat skeptical to the whole thing. But after an hour session with Wes, I could honestly say it paid dividends and it was well worth the time and money. Wes was very professional and honest in what he was doing and really puts the client first to make you feel as comfortable as possible. My body feels much better and I am already scheduled for a future appointment. Go see him now!" - Moses Munoz
  • ​​​"Looking for a way to de-stress from classes I learned online that UTA offers massage therapy. I found the massage to be very relaxing and greatly reduced the  tension I had in my body. I would definitely recommend the massage therapy UTA offers for anyone seeking relief from stress or bodily aches. " - Laura DeLuna
  • ​​​Wes does a great job at what he does and personality of a friendly panda lol from an athletic point of view, I would recommend Wes to locate and work on any knots, scar tissue, tenderness, you may develop from training. There are things a person cannot get by themselves. Massage, however, can be beneficial for anybody sedentary or active, and especially if you are stressed! A decrease in stress means a more effective whole body recovery both mentally and physically. Which means more days where you can be at 100%! - Joey Nguyen
  • ​​Wes is probably the best person you could go to for stress relief! His technique is very relaxing. He is a massage therapist who really cares about your relaxation. - Alex Guerrero
  • Wes, the massage therapist, is great!! Starting my freshman year, I always knew about the MAC offering massages but didn't consider actually getting one until 3 years later (a week ago)... Well HUGE MISTAKE. I should've been going regularly from the start. Wes knows how to relieve stress and work out any knots or specific kinks you may have. It was so relaxing, I almost fell asleep on the massage table. Do yourself a favor and schedule an appointment! Wes is a super friendly and hard working guy. He loves what he does and loves people more than anything. He will talk with you to see what he should work on for you and even if you don't have anything in mind, he will put you at ease instantly. I will be going back soon! - Christine Pak
  • ​I was skeptical to get a massage (as most of you probably are) but after talking with Wes, he was VERY professional and I signed up for a time slot as soon as I could.  After struggling with low back pain for almost 4 months after a lifting injury, Wes was able to pinpoint the problem and got me all fixed up.  He is the man! 6 out of 5 stars. - Collin Emmert
  • ​"Wes is extremely passionate about and dedicated to his work. He truly enjoys helping his clients resolve their issues so they can feel and perform better; his knowledge of the human body along with his skill and experience in his trade allow him to succeed at this." - Brian Prejean M.S., ACE - CPT, AHFS, Doctoral candidate, Biomechanics, Department of Kinesiology, UTA
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How can you sign up?

Massage appointments are available to all MAC members by calling 817-272-3277 or stopping by the Services & Information Desk of the MAC.

Maverick Activities Center (The MAC)