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Personal Training & Fit Tests

Fit Testing

Campus Recreation offers fitness testing to all members.  Fitness tests measure the five components of fitness: body composition, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, muscular strength and flexibility.  Testing is used to clear individuals for participation in a new exercise program, estimate one’s current fitness level, motivate, and assists in exercise programming, exercise selection, intensity, and the selection of other training variables.  Our fitness test includes:

  • Informed Consent/Health History Profile/PAR-Q
  • Physician’s Clearance (if necessary)
  • Resting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Readings (vitals)
  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis and BMI (body composition)
  • 3-Minute Step Test (cardiovascular endurance)
  • 1-Minute Curl-Up Test (muscular endurance)
  • Hand Grip Strength Test (muscular strength)
  • Sit and Reach Test (flexibility)

The cost of a fitness test is $5.00. Appointments may be made at the Services & Information Desk at the MAC. No day of appointments are allowed. A pre-screen packet will be provided along with instructions on how to prepare for the actual testing day.  Failure to cancel a fitness testing appointment without 24-hours’ notice can result in a $10 cancellation fee. Fitness tests are required in order to hire a personal trainer.

Personal Training

The personal training program is designed to motivate, educate and guide in lifestyle changes regarding overall health and wellbeing.  Certified fitness professionals are available to design and coach clients through individualized exercise programming based on each client’s specific health and fitness goals.  Programs are created to help clients improve in one or many of the following areas:

  • General health and wellbeing
  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Muscular Strength & Endurance
  • Hypertrophy (muscle size)
  • Power Acquisition & Improvement
  • Sport Specific & Functional Training
  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Weight Management & Fat Loss
  • And Much More…

In order to hire a personal trainer you must first get a fitness test and be cleared for activity.  Once the fitness test is completed you will be contacted via email and assigned to a trainer.  Trainers will contact clients to schedule an initial consultation and perform optional client assessments in order to gather additional information needed for effective program design. From there, trainers and clients will agree upon a schedule that fits both parties and begin formalized training sessions.

Fees for Personal Training

  • Single Sessions and Initial Consultations - $35
  • 3 Pack or “Triple Threat” Option - $100 ($33/session) – must pay up front
  • 6 Pack – “Six Pack Promo” $180 ($30/session) – must pay up front
  • 12 Pack – “Dozen Deal” $300 ($25/session) – must pay up front

*All sessions are approximately one hour.

**For those clients that want program design only and would like to train on their own, an initial consultation and one follow up single session is required. 

***For those clients that would like to train with a partner or small group, this will be allowed.  However, all parties must purchase a ticket for each session.  No sharing of cost is allowed.  Four people are the maximum number allowed for small group training.    

To secure a personal training session you must purchase a ticket prior to your scheduled session. Proof of the purchased ticket will be required and should be presented to your trainer before each appointment. Trainers schedule appointments individually and you will communicate directly with your trainer to schedule, reschedule or cancel sessions.  

For more information or questions regarding the fitness testing or personal training programs, please contact Jeremy Roden at

fitness instructors

How can you sign up?

Sign up for fitness program and services at the Services & Information Desk at the MAC.

Maverick Activities Center (The MAC)