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David Dillon Symposium

Equity + Freedom's Footprint in Dallas Freedman's Towns
Saturday, November 18
Zale Library, Paul Quinn College


Organized by the David Dillon Center for Texas Architecture
College of Architecture, Planning, and Public Affairs
University of Texas at Arlington

Presented in partnership with the Dallas Festival of Ideas

10:15 Opening remarks: Kathryn Holliday, Director, David Dillon Center for Texas Architecture

10:30 Keynote speaker: Andrea Roberts, Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University and Founder of the Texas Freedom Colonies Project

11:00 - Heritage and Preservation

  • Andrea Roberts
  • Tara Dudley, UT Austin and HHM
  • Larry Hollins
  • Lizzie MacWillie, bcWorkshop
  • Robert Swann, Dallas Landmark Commission
  • Kathryn Holliday, moderator

12:00 Working group lunches - box lunches provided

  • Led by Diane Jones Allen, Program Director in Landscape Architecture
  • Dennis Chiessa, Lecturer in Architecture
  • Don Gatzke, Professor of Architecture
  • Molly Plummer, Graduate Student in Landscape Architecture

1:30 - Heritage in the 21st Century - Strategies for Development

  • Cyndy Lutz, Vice President of Neighborhood Investment, Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity
  • Robert Meckfessel, DSGN
  • Theresa O'Donnell, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Dallas
  • David Preziosi, executive director, Preservation Dallas,
  • Maria Schneider, CEO Dallas Unity Fund
  • Mark Lamster, Dallas Morning News and UT Arlington, moderator

3:00 Summation and closing remarks