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City of Corinth Promoting Healthy Families

Corinth, a growing suburban community northwest of Dallas, wanted to address its current and potential needs for parks, open space, and recreational activities to ensure citizens' desired future quality of life. With land increasingly scarce because of development pressure, and desiring to maintain fiscally responsible future maintenance levels, Corinth sought to develop a plan to maximize current parkland while improving accessibility, connectivity, and overall programming of park facilities.

Key plan recommendations included:

  • Adding or modifying amenities within existing facilities, especially accessibility and safety features, to make parks and trails easier and safer for the broadest possible audience
  • Adding carefully selected park features, including an off-leash dog park, splash pads, fishing docks, and multi-use sport courts
  • Connecting the city's trail system to the Elm Fork Trail portion of the regional Veloweb
  • Improving connectivity within the city's trail system
  • Prioritizing implementation
  • Detailing potential funding and public engagement resources

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