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Scheduling an Appointment

Scheduling an Appointment with CAPS (Ransom Hall)

A student can schedule an appointment with a counselor by calling or stopping by the office during office hours. Currently enrolled UT Arlington students are eligible for services. Eligibility for couples requires that both partners are currently enrolled UT Arlington students. Students are eligible for 6 free individual counseling sessions each semester (this includes the initial consultation session).

eligibility for caps services

Currently enrolled UT Arlington undergraduate and graduate students are eligible for services. Distance education students who do not attend on-campus classes are not eligible to use UTA Health Services. Counseling and Psychological Services is a department of Health Services.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

303 Ransom Hall
Arlington, TX 76019
P: 817-272-3671
F: 817-272-5523

For best results, don't wait until the last minute to talk to a counselor about what is concerning you. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible. The CAPS staff at UT Arlington looks forward to working with you and supporting your efforts to become a successful student.

Walk-in Policy

A walk-in counselor is available each day during regular hours to handle crisis concerns on a first-come, first-served basis. This service is designed primarily for students who have not yet begun working with a counselor. Once the counseling process is begun, students are encouraged to work with your counselor to schedule any follow-up visits.

What to Expect

The first appointment is an initial consultation session, which generally lasts one hour. Students complete the initial paperwork; then, depending on the concerns, a number of directions are possible. You may be assigned to an individual or group counselor at CAPS, in which case that counselor will contact you to schedule your next appointment. You may be referred to another service provider at UT Arlington which can better respond to your concerns. You may be referred off-campus to services that are better able to address your concerns.

At times, the initial consultation and evaluation process may require more than one visit in order to determine the best way to proceed with services. CAPS reserves at all times the right to determine if we have adequate resources and expertise to address your particular treatment needs. If your needs cannot adequately and ethically be met by the center's current resources, staff will work with you to secure an appropriate referral when necessary.


Any student with an urgent situation will be given first priority in seeing a counselor. We appreciate your understanding if your session (either by appointment or walk-in) is rescheduled due to an emergency.

Scheduling an Appointment with CAPS-Psychiatry (Health Center)

605 W. 1st Street
Arlington, TX 76019
P: 817-272-2771
F: 817-272-3829

CAPS Psychiatry is located in the Health Services building. Services are $30 for the initial assessment and $15 per follow up appointment. For more information, visit the Psychiatric Services section of the website.

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