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Fall 2007

Undergraduate Course Descriptions for CLAS

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CLAS 1300. INTRODUCTION TO CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY (3-0) Major Greek and Roman myths and their influence, with emphasis on the visual arts from antiquity to the present, including popular films.

CLAS 2300. HOLLYWOOD CLASSICS: THE ANCIENT WORLD IN FILM (3-0) Comparative study of contemporary films set in the ancient world and the literary sources on which they are based, with emphasis on the reception and reshaping of the Classical heritage by filmmakers to reflect the cultural values and interests of contemporary audiences.

CLAS 2303. THE CLASSICAL ROOTS OF ENGLISH VOCABULARY (3-0) The study of etymology (word origins) focusing on the large stock of English words derived from ancient Greek and Latin prefixes, roots and suffixes. Recommended for students seeking to improve their general vocabulary and reading comprehension, and as preparation for graduate and professional school entrance exams.

CLAS 2307. WOMEN IN THE ANCIENT WORLD (3-0) Exploration of roles and images of women in ancient Greece and Rome, using a variety of primary (ancient) sources: literature, legal and medical texts, visual art, and inscriptions. Offered as CLAS 2307 and WOMS 2307. Credit will be granted only once.

CLAS 3310. INTRODUCTION TO GREEK CIVILIZATION (3-0) Ancient Greek culture through the death of Alexander the Great (323 B.C.). Topics covered include politics and society, literature, art, philosophy, and religion. Credit may not be received for both CLAS 2310 (as the course was previously numbered) and CLAS 3310.

CLAS 3320. INTRODUCTION TO ROMAN CIVILIZATION (3-0) Roman life and thought through the second century A.D. A broad cultural survey including politics and society, literature, art, philosophy, religion and law. Credit may not be received for both CLAS 2320 (as the course was previously numbered) and CLAS 3320.

CLAS 3323. TOPICS IN CLASSICAL MYTHOLOGY (3-0) Advanced study of Greek and/or Roman myths, with emphasis on the cultural context and methods of myth interpretation (anthropological, psychoanalytical, structuralist, etc.). May be repeated for credit with departmental permission.

CLAS 4335. TOPICS IN CLASSICAL STUDIES (3-0) Studies in the social, political, and cultural development of the ancient Greeks and Romans, including their influence on subsequent societies. May be repeated for credit with departmental permission.

CLAS 4391. CONFERENCE COURSE (3-0) Independent study in the preparation of a paper on a research topic; consultation with instructor on a regular basis. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: consent of the department and completion of or concurrent enrollment in a 3000 level course.

CLAS 4394. SENIOR THESIS/HONORS THESIS (3-0) A thesis or project completed during the senior year under the direction of a faculty member. Required of all students in the University Honors College.

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