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Fall 2007

The Department of Linguistics and TESOL

403 Hammond Hall • Box 19559 • 817-272-3133 •
FacultyCourse Descriptions

Linguistics is the discipline that studies the structures, acquisition, and histories of human languages around the world. Linguists are not, then, principally people who know many languages, but rather people who investigate how a language is organized and what features all languages exhibit.

The Department of Linguistics and TESOL at UT Arlington is especially concerned with the study of minority, often endangered, languages. The curriculum offers students enriching insight into the cultural diversity represented in the more than 6,000 living languages currently known on the planet. The department also presents current approaches to the teaching of English to speakers of other languages.

The study of linguistics prepares students for a variety of careers, among them teaching English to speakers of other languages, literacy work in the United States and abroad, and graduate study in linguistics. Above all, students in the Department of Linguistics and TESOL are made especially aware of the complex world in which we live by studying a universal and most definitive human experience: language.

Although UT Arlington does not offer an undergraduate major in linguistics, the university does allow students to pursue an 18-hour minor in linguistics. Students may also incorporate the study of linguistics into a degree plan through UT Arlington’s Interdisciplinary Studies Program. Students interested in either option should initiate a request for the preparation of their program by contacting the Department of Linguistics and TESOL’s undergraduate advisor.

All undergraduate students who elect to minor in linguistics must take the following two courses:

LING 2301: Introduction to the Study of Human Language and-
LING 3311: Introduction to Linguistic Science

Linguistics minors must also take at least one of the following courses:

LING 3330: Phonetics and Phonology or-
LING 3340: Grammar and Morphology or-
LING 4317: Sociolinguistics

The remaining nine hours of the minor may include any undergraduate level course bearing the LING prefix or may be drawn from a list of language-related courses offered in other departments. Students intending to pursue graduate study in linguistics should, however, include all five of the above mentioned courses as part of their minor: LING 2301, 3311, 3330, 3340 and 4317.

Courses outside the Department of Linguistics and TESOL but appropriate to the LING minor include (but are not limited to):

ANTH 2322: Global Cultures
ANTH 2350: Cultural Diversity and Identity
CLAS 2303: Classical Roots of English Vocabulary
COMM 1330: Intro to Communication
COMM 4315: Communication Theory
COMM 4330: Political Communication
COMM 4335: International-Intercultural Communication
COMS 1302: Voice and Diction
ENGL 3384: Structure of Modern English
ENGL 4301: History and Development of the English Language
ENGL 4339: Rhetoric and Composition
PHIL 2311: Logic
PHIL 3317: Intermediate Logic
PHIL 3321: Philosophy of Language
PHIL 4385: Theory of Knowledge
PSYC 3310: Developmental Psychology
PSYC 4332: Theories of Human Learning & Memory
PSYC 4334: Cognitive Processes
PSYC 4336: Psychology of Language
PSYC 4433: Artificial Intelligence
PSYC 1315: Introduction to Psychology
SOCI 3326: Sociology of Language
SOCI 3327: Intercultural Interaction
SPAN 3319: Intro to Spanish Linguistics
WOMS 4318: Language and Gender

The list provided above is not exhaustive; there may be other courses offered at UT Arlington appropriate to the linguistics minor. Students who believe that they have found such a course and would like to include it as part of their linguistics minor should contact the linguistics undergraduate advisor by visiting Note: Many of the courses listed above have prerequisites; check with the undergraduate advisor of the appropriate department for details.

Linguistics and TESOL Faculty


Associate Professor Silva



Associate Professors

Burquest, Stvan

Assistant Professors

Or, Ouellette

Adjunct Professors

Franklin, T. Headland, Merrifield, Rensch, Robbins

Adjunct Associate Professors

Bennett, Gregerson, Hwang, Reed, Ross, Walter

Adjunct Assistant Professors

Bowling, Bruce, Diehl, P. Headland, Leaders, McElhanon, C. McKinney, N. McKinney, Morren, Myers, Simons, Turnbull, Walker, Walton, Watson, Wheatly

Professor Emeritus


View Course Descriptions for: Linguistics (LING) h2. Teaching English as a Second Language

Undergraduate students interested in careers in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) are strongly encouraged to take LING 2301 as part of their undergraduate degree program and then pursue graduate study in TESOL offered by the UT Arlington Graduate School. For those students who do not plan to attend graduate school, the Department of Linguistics and TESOL offers a four-course undergraduate sequence in TESOL: LING 3311, 4327, 4353, 4354. Students completing the undergraduate versions of these four courses may not apply them toward a graduate certificate or degree in TESOL. For more information about preparing for a job in TESOL, contact the undergraduate advisor.

English Language Institute

The English Language Institute (ELI) is a center for instruction of English for Speakers of Other Languages.

The ELI offers an intensive English program to international students desiring to prepare themselves for university study. The intensive English program also serves as an ESOL research and teaching laboratory for faculty and students. As an extension of its concerns with ESOL instruction, the ELI provides developmental instruction in English for Speakers of Other Languages to international students enrolled at UT Arlington and to area businesses that employ internationals in their work force. Director: Keith Maurice, Room 402, Hammond Hall, 817-272-2730.

International Linguistics Center

The University of Texas at Arlington has entered into special contractual arrangements with the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics, a private, faith-based, accredited institution located on the campus of in the International Linguistics Center in Dallas (near Duncanville). The programs offered at the ILC include preparation in linguistic analysis, cultural anthropology, and literacy development in developing communities. Students seeking more information about these and related programs are encouraged to contact the undergraduate advisor.

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