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Fall 2007

Mexican American Studies

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Course Descriptions

The Center for Mexican American Studies in the College of Liberal Arts offers a minor that is available to all students. A Mexican American Studies (MAS) minor consists of 18 total credit hours: two required courses and four electives selected from the lists below. Electives are grouped into two suggested “streams” from which students may choose depending upon their interests and future educational and professional plans. The Cultural Studies Stream focuses on Mexican American culture and history, and is most appropriate for students planning on further graduate study related to these themes, particularly in the arts and humanities. The Applied Studies Stream emphasizes contemporary experiences of the Mexican American population through the lens of the social and behavioral sciences, and is most suited for students preparing for graduate study in these areas or for direct professional work after graduation that will involve close contact with the Mexican American community. After consulting with their major departments or programs, students will file a degree plan for the MAS minor at the Center for Mexican American Studies. Courses not listed below may qualify as electives with the approval of the director of the Center for Mexican American Studies.

Required Courses

MAS 2300 Introduction to Mexican American Studies
MAS 4370 Capstone in Mexican American Studies

ElectivesóCultural Studies Stream

MAS/SPAN 3312 Latin American Culture and Civilization
MAS/ANTH 3330 Cultural Diversity and Identity
ENGL 3346 Mexican American Literature
MAS/HIST 3352 The Southwest
MAS/HIST 3363 Texas to 1850
MAS/HIST 3368 Mexican American History
MAS/HIST 3369 History of Latino Religions
MAS/SPAN 4313 Topics in Hispanic Culture
MAS/SPAN 4315 Topics in Contemporary Latin-American Literature and Culture, Modernism to the Present
MAS/SPAN 4317 Chicano Literature
MAS/SPAN 4318 Mexican Literature
MAS/SPAN 4327 Women in Hispanic Literature
MAS 4350 Topics in Mexican American Studies
MAS/HIST 4368 History of Mexico
MAS 4391 Conference Course

ElectivesóApplied Studies Stream

MAS 3310 Latinos in the United States
MAS 3314 The Latina Experience
MAS/POLS 3317 Mexican Politics and U.S.-Mexico Relations
MAS 3319/SOCW 3317 Human Behavior and Diverse Populations
MAS/ANTH 3348 Latino Immigration to the United States
MAS/HIST 3368 Mexican American History
CRCJ 3380 Ethnic and Gender Issues in Criminal Justice
MAS/SOCI 4310 Minorities
MAS/POLS 4319 Politics of Mexican Americans
MAS 4350 Topics in Mexican American Studies
MAS 4391 Conference Course

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