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Fall 2007

Course Abbreviations

The following course prefixes correspond to the course listings in the academic departments, colleges and schools.

Abbreviation Course
ACCT Accounting
ADVT Advertising
ANTH Anthropology
ARCH Architecture
AS Aerospace Studies
BCMN Broadcast Communication
BE Biomedical Engineering
BEEP Bilingual/ESL/Early Childhood Program
BIOL Biology
BLAW Business Law
BUSA Business Administration
CCJO Criminology and Criminal Justice Online
CE Civil Engineering
CHEM Chemistry
CIRP City and Regional Planning
CLAS Classics
COLA College of Liberal Arts
COMM Communication
CRCJ Criminology and Criminal Justice
CSE Computer Science and Engineering
CTEC Communications Technology
DNCA Dance Activities
DNCE Dance Theory
DG Design Graphics
ECED Early Childhood Education
ECON Economics
EDML Education Middle Level
EDTC Educational Technology
EDUC Education
EE Electrical Engineering
ENGL English
ENGR Engineering
ESOL English for Speakers of Other Languages
EXSA Exercise and Sport Activities
FACC Foundations of Accounting
FECO Foundations of Economics
FFIN Foundations of Business Finance
FINA Finance
FLAW Foundations of Business Law
FMAN Foundations of Management
FMRK Foundations of Marketing
FREN French
GEOG Geography
GEOL Geology
GERM German
GREK Greek
HEED Health
HIST History
HONR Honors
HUMA Humanities
IE Industrial Engineering
INSU Insurance
INSY Information Systems
INTD Interior Design
INTS Interdisciplinary Studies
JOUR Journalism
KINE Kinesiology
LATN Latin
LING Linguistics
LIST Literacy Studies
MAE Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
MANA Management
MARK Marketing
MAS Mexican American Studies
MATH Mathematics
MILS Military Science
MODL Modern Languages
MUSI Music
NURS Nursing
OPMA Operations Management
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
POLS Political Science
PORT Portuguese
PREL Public Relations
PSYC Psychology
REAE Real Estate
RUSS Russian
SCIE Science
SOCI Sociology
SOCW Social Work
SPAN Spanish
STAT Statistics
THEA Theatre Arts
URPA Urban and Public Affairs
WOMS Women’s Studies

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