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Volume XCII – July 2008
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UT Arlington Undergraduate Catalog Fall 2008
The Department of Information Systems and Operations Management

535 Business Bldg. • Box 19437 • 817-272-3502 •
Faculty - Course Descriptions

Requirements for a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

(Information Systems and Operations Management Options)

See the College of Business Administration section of the catalog for specific degree requirements for the B.B.A. degree.

Requirements for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Systems

Students must meet all lower division requirements before enrolling for upper division courses. Specified prerequisites are designated for certain courses. Waiver of either of the above will require consent of the instructor and approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies of the College of Business Administration.


1301, 1302.


Three hours of English or modern and classical languages literature above the freshman level.

Liberal Arts Elective

Three hours above the freshman level of literature, or social and cultural studies designated as taught in the College of Liberal Arts, or fine arts, or philosophy, or technical writing.

Political Science

2311, 2312.


1311, 1312.


1302 or 1315, and 1316.

Natural Science

Eight hours in single lab science (biology, chemistry, geology or physics).

Fine Arts

Three hours in architecture, art, dance, music, or theatre arts.

Social/Cultural Studies

MANA 2302.

Oral Communication

COMS 1301 or 2305.

Outside electives

Sufficient to give the total number of hours required for the degree.Recommended outside electives include: CSE 1310, 1320, and 1325.

Business Core

ACCT 2301 and 2302; BLAW 3311; INSY 2303; STAT 3321; ECON 2305 and 2306; FINA 3313; MANA 3318 and 4322; OPMA 3306; MARK 3321.

Major Field

INSY 3300, 3303, 3304, 3305, 4325 and 12 hours of approved 3000/4000-level courses from business and/or computer science engineering. Approved advanced electives include CSE 3302, 3310, 4308; ACCT 3303, 4302; OPMA 3308, 3310, 4302, 4307, 4309; INSY 3330, 4305, 4312.


Nine hours of approved advanced business electives.


125 hours.

Suggested Course Sequence

Freshman Year

First Semester: ENGL 1301; HIST 1311; Natural Science, 4 hours with laboratory; MATH 1315; Speech, 3 hours-Total Credit 16 hours.

Second Semester: Second Semester: ENGL 1302; HIST 1312; Natural Science, 4 hours with laboratory; MATH 1316; Fine Arts, 3 hours-Total Credit 16 hours.

Sophomore Year

First Semester: POLS 2311; ECON 2305; ACCT 2301; INSY 2303; MANA 2302-Total Credit 15 hours.

Second Semester: Literature, 3 hours; POLS 2312; ECON 2306; ACCT 2302; Outside Elective, 3 hours-Total Credit 15 hours.

Junior Year

First Semester: INSY 3300; INSY 3303; OPMA 3306; MANA 3318; STAT 3321-Total Credit 15 hours.

Second Semester: INSY 3304; INSY 3305; INSY Elective, 3 hours; BLAW 3311; MARK 3321-Total Credit 15 hours.

Senior Year

First Semester: FINA 3313; INSY Electives, 6 hours; Advanced Business Electives, 9 hours-Total Credit 18 hours.

Second Semester: INSY 4325; INSY Elective, 3 hours; Outside Elective, 3 hours; MANA 4322; Liberal Arts Elective, 3 hours-Total Credit 15 hours.

Information Systems and Operations Management Faculty


Professor Baker


Raja, Teng, Whiteside

Associate Professors

Eakin, Frazier, Mahapatra, Prater, Sikora, Slinkman

Assistant Professors

Cannon, Nerur, Swafford, Wang, Zhang

Senior Lecturers

Davis, Esimai, Hensel, Sarratt, Sears

Professor Emeritus


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