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Volume XCII – July 2008
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UT Arlington Undergraduate Catalog Fall 2008
Course Descriptions for Bioengineering (BE)

BE 1225. INTRODUCTION TO BIOENGINEERING (2-0) Topics include introduction to basic engineering principles and quantitative methods, their applications in analyzing and solving problems in biology and medicine. Also includes new trends in the development of bioengineering and biotechnology. Course includes visits to the area hospitals and bioengineering industry.

BE 4325. FUNDAMENTALS OF BIOENGINEERING (3-0) Topics cover fundamentals of biosensors, bio-signal processing, and bioinstrumentation. An introduction to various imaging modalities such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance, optical tomography, and x-ray radiography is also presented. Other bioengineering topics may be included as time allows or as is appropriate. Prerequisite: 90 or more hours (senior) standing in an engineering or science discipline or instructor's consent.