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Volume XCII – July 2008
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UT Arlington Undergraduate Catalog Fall 2008
Course Descriptions for Bilingual/ESL/Early Childhood Program (BEEP)

BEEP 3381. LANGUAGE MINORITY STUDENTS: DEVELOPMENT AND ASSESSMENT (3-0) This course addresses issues of child development with emphasis on the psychological, cultural and social background of language minority children. Assessment of language minority children will also be addressed including factors such as cultural bias in assessment, procedures for assessing eligibility for special language programs, and general literacy assessment with language minority students.

BEEP 3382. INTRODUCTION TO SPECIAL LANGUAGE PROGRAMS (3-0) Legal foundations and historical development of bilingual education and special language programs will be introduced. Various models of bilingual education and English as a Second Language will be examined. An overview of special education, gifted and talented, and compensatory education legislation and its impact in the implementation of special language programs will be examined.

BEEP 4305. LINGUISTICS FOR BILINGUAL/ESL TEACHERS (3-0) Analysis of the structure of English including phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, lexicon, and pragmatics. Comparison between Spanish and English, language development in L1 and L2, and elements that affect the acquisition of English as a second language. Prerequisite: ECED 4317 and ECED 4318.

BEEP 4306. FAMILY LITERACY AND SECOND LANGUAGE ACQUISITION (3-0) Examine the relationship between family literacy with second language acquisition and literacy development in children. The course provides opportunities for students to explore a variety of adult literacy programs designed to facilitate the development of literacy skills in parents, and programs between schools and parents designed to support reading and writing at home. Specific focus on theories regarding the relationship between first and second language acquisition and early education. Prerequisite: ECED 4317, ECED 4318. Weekly field experiences in designated settings required.

BEEP 4311. MATH AND SCIENCE IN DUAL LANGUAGE SETTINGS (3-0) Integration of mathematic and science concepts in relation to the cognitive and linguistic development of English language learners. Analysis of the State curriculum for math and science in K-4. Design and implementation of instruction in dual language settings. Taken concurrently with BEEP 4305 & BEEP 4306. Field experiences required.

BEEP 4314. CREATIVE ARTS AND SOCIAL STUDIES IN DUAL LANGUAGE SETTINGS (3-0) Integration of visual arts and music with social studies with a focus on processes and skills for the creation and appreciation of aesthetics. Implementation of the Texas Curriculum in social studies and art education in dual language classrooms (EC-4). Prerequisite: BEEP 4305, BEEP 4306.

BEEP 4319. ASSESSMENT OF CULTURALLY AND LINGUISTICALLY DIVERSE STUDENTS IN EC-4 SETTINGS (3-0) Study of formal and informal assessment practices used for English Language Learners (ELL) in EC-4 settings with special emphasis on the instruments used to assess literacy development in English language learners. Prerequisites: BEEP 4311, BEEP 4314. Taken concurrently with BEEP 4687- Residency.

BEEP 4366. SPANISH FOR TEACHERS IN DUAL LANGUAGE PROGRAMS: AN IMMERSION APPROACH (0-0) Development of Spanish proficiency for bilingual education teacher candidates through an immersion approach. Emphasis on concepts, functions and the scenarios used in the Spanish proficiency examination required for bilingual education teacher candidates.

BEEP 4382. LITERACY INSTRUCTION IN SPANISH FOR THE BILINGUAL CLASSROOM (3-0) The development of literacy for bilingual children will be highlighted. Specific emphasis will be placed on the rationale, methods and materials for literacy instruction in Spanish. The successful transition from first language literacy instruction to literacy instruction in English will also be addressed. The course will be delivered in Spanish and students will be exposed to content and techniques to master the oral and written components of the Spanish language proficiency test required to be certified in bilingual education. Prerequisites: BEEP 3381, ECED 4317 & ECED 4318.

BEEP 4384. LITERACY METHODS FOR ESL/BILINGUAL CLASSROOMS (2-2) The rationale and orientation of various methods of instruction for English language learners will be discussed. Language development techniques for students at different stages of development will be examined. Shelter English instruction for the teaching of content areas will also be presented. Students will be assigned to a special language program to examine methods of instruction and modifications for language minority children.

BEEP 4687. RESIDENCY IN EARLY CHILDHOOD/BILINGUAL - 4 (1-25) Full time supervised and directed practice in university approved classrooms for students prekindergarten - 4th grade bilingual. Residency must immediately follow the Internship semester. Residency assumes that students will follow school district's calendar, and report to the classroom all day and each day of the semester. Prerequisites: BEEP 4311, BEEP 4314. Corequisites: BEEP 4319.