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Volume XCII – July 2008
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UT Arlington Undergraduate Catalog Fall 2008
Course Descriptions for Early Childhood Education (ECED)

ECED 4305. LANGUAGE AND LITERACY DEVELOPMENT IN YOUNG CHILDREN (2-2) Focus on the young child's developing oral and non-verbal communication skills. Examine relationship between listening, talking, reading and writing. Consider theories of early reading and writing in young children. Special attention to the relationship between literature, social and cognitive development; technological advances; and diversity in children and families. Prerequisite: ECED 4317 and ECED 4318. Weekly field experience in EC-4 classrooms required.

ECED 4308. APPLICATIONS IN TECHNOLOGY FOR TEACHERS OF YOUNG CHILDREN (2-2) Provides introduction to basic computer operations and technology, including fundamentals of formatting documents in ClarisWorks; spreadsheet, database and word processing. Students will examine hardware and software appropriate for use with young children and consider developmentally appropriate use of technology in early childhood classrooms. Taken concurrently with ECED 4310 and ECED 4311. Field experience required. Prerequisites: ECED 4305, BEEP 4306, and EDTC 4301.

ECED 4310. SPECIAL POPULATIONS AND DIVERSE SETTINGS (2-2) Provides preparation for accommodating young children with special needs in early childhood education settings. Focus on characteristics of young children with special needs, program accommodations, legal issues, individual assessment and planning, family and agency involvement, and inclusion strategies. Course will include examination of a variety of diverse settings where children live and learn, including homeless shelters. Taken concurrently with ECED 4308 and ECED 4311. Field experience required. Prerequisites: ECED 4305, BEEP 4306, and EDTC 4301.

ECED 4311. MATH AND SCIENCE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN (2-2) Principles of integration of mathematics and science concepts in relation to cognitive development. Emphasis on developing dispositions promoting scientific investigation and appropriate objects, materials, activities and programs to assist in assimilation of mathematics and science concepts. Taken concurrently with ECED 4308 and 4310. Field experiences required. Prerequisites: ECED 4305, BEEP 4306, and EDTC 4301.

ECED 4314. CREATIVE ARTS AND SOCIAL STUDIES FOR YOUNG CHILDREN (2-2) Integrated relationship of social studies, expression, creativity and aesthetic appreciation will be explored in this course. Content, methods and materials will focus on the developing self, awareness of others and group dynamics involved in the socialization process. Students will also consider appropriate strategies and environments for enhancing the creative and risk-taking characteristics of young children in classrooms. Taken concurrently with ECED 4319 and ECED 4687 Residency. Prerequisite: ECED 4308, 4310, and 4311.

ECED 4317. EARLY CHILDHOOD DEVELOPMENT AND LEARNING (3-0) Examination of major theories and principles of cognitive, social, emotional, physical and aesthetic development and learning. Emphasis on development and learning from prenatal through the eighth year. Emphasis on application of play theories as they apply to the total development of the child and cultural dynamics of families. This course is a prerequisite course and must be taken with ECED 4318.

ECED 4318. FOUNDATIONS IN EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION (3-0) History of the education of young children; issues and trends in early childhood education, including changing beliefs regarding prekindergarten and kindergarten programs; state and federal mandates regarding programs for young children; and foundations for EC - 4 learning environments such as planning curriculum based on play, developing lesson plans, guidance, partnerships with families and appropriate assessment. This course is a prerequisite course and must be taken with ECED 4317.

ECED 4319. OBSERVATION AND ASSESSMENT OF YOUNG CHILDREN (2-2) Principles of observation; designing and implementing assessment techniques that are individually respectful, culturally fair, reliable, dependable and appropriate for children prekindergarten-Grade 4. Emphasis on documentation, portfolios, informal vs. formal evaluations, group tests and measurements, and differentiation between norm-referenced and criterion-referenced tests. Students will focus on research and literature regarding authentic assessment of young children. Taken concurrently with ECED 4314 and ECED 4687 Residency. Prerequisite: ECED 4308, 4310, and 4311.

ECED 4687. RESIDENCY IN EARLY CHILDHOOD - 4 (1-25) Full-time supervised and directed practice in university approved classrooms for students prekindergarten-4th grade. Students will have at least two placements: one in prekindergarten or kindergarten and one in grade 1-4. Students earning bilingual teacher certification concurrently will be placed in a bilingual classroom. Residency must immediately follow the Internship semester. Residency assumes that students will follow school district's calendar, and report to the classroom all day and each day of the semester. Taken concurrently with ECED 4319 and 4314. Prerequisite: ECED 4308, 4310, and 4311.