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Volume XCII – July 2008
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UT Arlington Undergraduate Catalog Fall 2008
Course Descriptions for Linguistics (LING)

LING 2301. INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF HUMAN LANGUAGES (3-0) A variety of languages presented as a basis for discussion of topics such as: how languages are alike, and how different; how new languages arise; how human languages are reflections of human beings; how infants and adults acquire languages; how computers relate to human languages.

LING 3311. INTRODUCTION TO LINGUISTIC SCIENCE: DESCRIPTIVE LINGUISTICS (3-0) The nature of natural language analysis, the diversity of language features, variation in speech, and related topics, including historical and comparative linguistics. Prerequisite: LING 2301, or a grade of B or better in a 2000-level modern or classical language course.

LING 3330. PHONETICS AND PHONOLOGY (3-0) Human speech sounds from both physiological and cognitive perspectives; the range of speech sounds in language and the patterning of such sounds within particular language systems. Prerequisite: LING 3311 or permission of undergraduate advisor.

LING 3340. GRAMMAR AND MORPHOLOGY (3-0) Grammatical patterns found in languages of the world, including the structure and distribution of words, phrases, clauses, sentences, and larger units. Prerequisite: LING 3311 or permission of undergraduate advisor.

LING 4301. PHONOLOGICAL THEORY I (3-0) (Also taught as LING 5320). Principles governing sound systems in human languages. Prerequisite: LING 3330.

LING 4303. GRAMMATICAL THEORY I (3-0) (Also taught as LING 5330). Grammatical systems in human languages. May be repeated for credit when the topic changes. Prerequisite: LING 3340.

LING 4317. SOCIOLINGUISTICS (3-0) (Also taught as LING 5310). Language in its social context, including linguistic variation, address and reference, speech levels, bilingualism, code switching, speech acts, conversation analysis, and language and gender. Prerequisite: LING 3311.

LING 4318. LANGUAGE AND GENDER (3-0) The role of language in the expression and creation of gender identities. Gender differences in language structure and use, women's and men's language in other cultures, the acquisition of gendered ways of speaking, and sexism in language. Offered as LING 4318 and WOMS 4318; formerly offered as LING 4392/WOMS 4392; credit will be granted only once. Prerequisite: LING 3311.

LING 4320. HISTORICAL AND COMPARATIVE LINGUISTICS (3-0) (Also taught as LING 5314). Language development and change; the comparative method and its use in linguistic reconstruction; laws of language change. Prerequisite: LING 3311.

LING 4327. LANGUAGE ACQUISITION (3-0) (Also taught as LING 5305). Processes of first and second language acquisition, their similarities and differences, language disorders, language perception and production, and implications of language acquisition research for linguistic theory and language teaching. Prerequisite: LING 3311.

LING 4330. THE COMPUTER AND NATURAL LANGUAGE (3-0) (Also taught as LING 5380). Applications of computers to linguistic analysis, and applications of linguistic analysis to computing. Natural language processing, speech recognition and synthesis, language prostheses, statistical analysis, text processing, and corpus analysis. Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

LING 4353. TEACHING ENGLISH AS A SECOND OR FOREIGN LANGUAGE (3-0) (Also taught as LING 5301). Presentation and critique of methodologies of teaching English to speakers of other languages, with emphasis on teaching techniques of aural comprehension; speaking, reading, and writing skills; testing, language laboratory, and linguistic-cultural differences. Prerequisite: LING 2301.

LING 4354. METHODS AND MATERIALS TO TEACH ENGLISH AS A SECOND OR FOREIGN LANGUAGE (3-0) (Also taught as LING 5302). Application of linguistic theory and findings; emphasis on pedagogical strategies, materials, and tests; attention to current and past research and practices. Prerequisite: LING 2301.

LING 4389. TOPICS IN LINGUISTICS (3-0) Current topics in linguistics research. May be repeated if topic changes. Prerequisite: Either LING 3330, 3340, or 4317, and permission of undergraduate advisor.

LING 4391. CONFERENCE COURSE IN LINGUISTICS (0-0) Independent study in the preparation of a paper on a research topic; consultation with instructor on a regular basis. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: Either LING 3311, 3330, or 3340, and permission of undergraduate advisor.