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Volume XCII – July 2008
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UT Arlington Undergraduate Catalog Fall 2008
Course Descriptions for Management (MANA)

MANA 2302. COMMUNICATIONS IN ORGANIZATIONS (3-0) This course focuses on the development of interpersonal business communication skills in the following areas: group communication, written communication (collaborative writing and business letters, memorandums and reports), oral communication (business presentation, meetings and interviews), and listening. The following topics are also addressed: verbal and nonverbal communication, dyadic and organizational communications, communication roles and relationships, small-group communication, communication networks, and the diagnosis and improvement of organizational communications. MANA 2302 will satisfy the cultural and social studies requirement in the College of Business Administration.

MANA 3318. MANAGING ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR (3-0) This course is an introduction to the factors that influence individual and group behavior in organizations. Emphasizing findings from the field of organizational behavior, topics covered include: individual differences and diversity, social information processing, work attitudes, stress, work motivation, power and influence, negotiation, teams, leadership, and organizational research.

MANA 3319. MANAGEMENT PROCESS THEORY (3-0) Fundamentals of the management process; principles and techniques for all organizations. The basic functions of management: planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. Social responsibilities, political influences, and ethical considerations as they affect the management of organizations. Coverage of international business, production, communications, and decision-making in terms of management activities.

MANA 3320. HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT (3-0) Process of effective management of human resources and those elements essential to such a process. The objectives of an adequate personnel program. Effective planning, recruitment, selection, training. Employee compensation and the nature of pay and its relative importance. The nature of union-management relationships. The impact of organized labor upon personnel management.

MANA 3325. ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND VENTURE MANAGEMENT (3-0) The fundamentals of identifying the need for and organizing a small business. Role and characteristics of the entrepreneur and problems of venture initiation. New venture creation and its management through the first two/three years of operation.

MANA 4191. STUDIES IN MANAGEMENT (1-0) Advanced studies, on an individual basis, in the various fields of management. Prerequisite: Senior standing and permission of instructor. May be repeated for credit with consent of department chair.

MANA 4291. STUDIES IN MANAGEMENT (0-0) Advanced studies, on an individual basis, in the various fields of management. Prerequisite: Senior standing and permission of instructor. May be repeated for credit with consent of department chair.

MANA 4320. LABOR RELATIONS (3-0) This course addresses the critical issues in personnel and industrial relations. Application of behavioral science principles and concepts to problems of employee benefits and services, wage and salary administration, union and management relations, collective bargaining, and related personnel maintenance problems. Prerequisite: MANA 3318 and MANA 3320.

MANA 4321. INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT (3-0) With greater globalization of economies and industries, managers are being increasingly challenged to manage organizations within a global context. This course seeks to provide students with the skills, knowledge and sensitivity required to be successful managers in organizations and organizational units within a multinational environment. Topics covered include the analysis of environmental forces, the characteristics of international strategies and the importance of organizational design and strategic control in the management of multinational enterprises.

MANA 4322. ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGY (3-0) An integrative learning experience that focuses on the role of top management in integrating an organization's internal functional activities and external environmental forces. Emphasis is placed on defining economic, technological, ethical, political, and social factors affecting an organization and their consideration in setting goal, strategies, and operating policies. This course serves as the capstone offering for the business major. Prerequisite: ACCT 2301 and 2302, BUSA/STAT 3321, ECON 2305 and 2306, FINA 3313, MANA 3318, and MARK 3321.

MANA 4325. LEADERSHIP IN ORGANIZATIONS (3-0) This course provides a managerial perspective on leadership in formal organizations. Emphasis is placed on team-building, exercising influence, decision-making, and conflict management. Prerequisite: MANA 3318

MANA 4326. DIVERSITY IN ORGANIZATIONS (3-0) This course examines the implications of employee diversity in organizations, an issue of increasing importance. It includes study of the changing demographics of workers, including multiple demographic groups and areas of difference important to organizational treatment and outcomes. This course examines research on treatment, access, and customer discrimination. Legislation related to diversity is also reviewed. This course also provides suggestions for individuals and organizations to increase opportunities and outcomes for workers of all backgrounds. Prerequisite: MANA 3318 and 3320.

MANA 4328. HUMAN RESOURCE STAFFING AND PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT (3-0) Covers the areas of employee selection and performance management systems. Topics include: recruitment strategies, methods of selection, development and validation of selection and employee appraisal instruments, and implementation of performance management processes. Prerequisite: MANA 3318 and MANA 3320.

MANA 4330. TEAM MANAGEMENT (3-0) This course examines the critical input, process and outcomes variables in the design of and maintenance of highly effective work teams. Topics include: team composition, team norms, team decision-making strategies, intra-team and inter-team conflict, team building, management of effective work teams, and team-based organizational structures. Prerequisite: MANA 3318.

MANA 4331. SEMINAR IN MANAGEMENT (3-0) Readings and discussion of special topics in management. Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing and consent of instructor. May be repeated for credit with consent of department chair.

MANA 4338. SMALL BUSINESS ANALYSIS (3-0) The course focuses on increasing the effectiveness of new ventures and small business operations. The integration of knowledge and application of theories across functional areas are stressed. Prerequisite: MANA 3325.

MANA 4339. DIRECTED STUDIES IN ENTREPRENEURSHIP (3-0) Seminar that exposes students to unique challenges facing new businesses in their efforts to survive and grow. Students interact with members of the local entrepreneurial community.

MANA 4340. BUSINESS AND SOCIETY (3-0) Explores the roles of business organizations and their relationships with individuals, governments, and other businesses from the perspectives of ethics, ideology, and corporate responsibility.

MANA 4341. NEGOTIATIONS AND CONFLICT RESOLUTION (3-0) This course is designed to better understand the nature of conflict and its resolution through persuasion, collaboration, and negotiation. Students will learn theories of interpersonal and organizational conflict and its resolution as applied to personal, corporate, historical, and political contexts. Students will assess their own styles, skills, and values, and develop techniques to better resolve disputes, achieve objectives, and exert influence. Prerequisite: MANA 3318.

MANA 4342. COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS MANAGEMENT (3-0) This course is an introduction to compensation and benefits administration. Attention will be given to the means by which compensation equity is achieved in organizations. Topics covered include job analysis and design, job evaluation, development, the use of wage and salary surveys, and benefit policies and practices. The benefits part of the course will include a discussion of public and private benefit programs and pension plans. Prerequisite: MANA 3318 and MANA 3320.

MANA 4343. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT (3-0) This course provides students with a practical approach to training employees in the business environment. Components of training design, including needs assessment, objectives, and evaluation and control of the training and development function. Prerequisite: MANA 3318 and MANA 3320.

MANA 4391. STUDIES IN MANAGEMENT (3-0) Advanced studies, on an individual basis, in the various fields of management. Prerequisite: Senior standing and permission of instructor. May be repeated for credit with consent of department chair.

MANA 4393. MANAGEMENT INTERNSHIP (3-0) Practical training in management. Analysis of theory applied to real life situations. May be used as an advanced business elective only; graded on a pass/fail basis. No credit will be given for previous experience or activities. May not be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: Junior standing and consent of department internship advisor.