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Dr. Bonnie Boardman

Senior Lecturer
Industrial Engineering
College of Engineering

UT Arlington Faculty

Dr. Bonnie Boardman is a Senior Lecturer in the Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering Department at The University of Texas at Arlington.  She holds a B.S. and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from The University of Arkansas and an M.S. in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University.  Dr. Boardman worked for the Logistics Support Agency, and agency of the Department of the Army, as a Senior Engineer.  Her responsibilities included conducting various engineering studies to develop, evaluate, test, and publish new methodologies, processes, and techniques to increase combat readiness.  Her dissertation research, also in the logistics area, resulted in the development of an intermodal transportation decision support system.  Other research interest areas include the development of scheduling algorithms and desicion support systems and adapting and applying industrial engineering methodologies and techniques to the service industry.  Dr. Boardman is active in numerous technical and professional organizations.

Dr. Boardman has conducted several classroom learning experiments.  She evaluated the use of classroom response systems in large classrooms as part of a University Quality Enhancement Plan.  She also conducted a study on the effectiveness of grouping freshman, female engineering students together for group assignments as opposed to randomly grouping all students.  Dr. Boardman also has experience in creating classroon support technology including a mobile app for classroom learning use and an interactive flowchart for curriculum planning.  Dr. Boardman is actively involved in the recruitment of STEM minority students.


Service Learning Class

IE 1105 – Introduction to Industrial Engineering, 1 credit hour

Introduction to basic engineering concepts. Opportunities are provided to develop skills in oral and written communication, and department-specific material. Case studies are presented and analyzed.

Academic Outcomes

  • Understand the types of work industrial engineers do and how industrial engineering fits into various organizations
  • Create an individualized, detailed plan including a semester by semester class schedule to complete the BSIE curriculum.
  • Use the UTA research databases and appropriately cite your sources using Microsoft Word.
  • Use Microsoft Excel to analyze data collected in lab experiments. Evaluate the results of the analysis.
  • Describe basic concepts of a variety of industrial engineering tools.
  • Develop a PowerPoint presentation and deliver an oral report.
  • A understanding of the jobs that IEs can do, whatever the job is labeled

Service Learning Project

Title:  Learnist Board for Introducing Industrial Engineering


Students become familiar with the social learning board, Learnist.  They will explore Learnist and find a board on any topic that interests them personally.  They will list and discuss what they liked about the board’s format and what they learned by reading the board.  They will then search for boards about Industrial Engineering, and find none.  The class will plan how to create a board, who our audience should be, and the kinds of material they would like to use.  They will plan for content, find the content, put it all together, evaluate and edit.  Once a board is created that they will investigate how to market the finished product:  who should see it, how are they notified and encouraged to learn about IE?  The class will also discuss maintaining the page:  who should be responsible, should it be updated, how often?