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Carie Kapellusch

Communication Studies
College of Liberal Arts

UT Arlington Faculty

Carie Kapellusch began her career as a recruiting consultant for several years with an international retained executive search firm.  Leaving the corporate world for academia, she focuses primarily on weaving service learning through the following courses as a major learning initiative; Business Professional Communication, Group Discussion, and Training & Development.  Her organization, Strive TCU, was founded in 2010 to facilitate a partnership between students and community partner, H.O.P.E. Farm, Inc. 

Professor Kapellusch is currently a Lecturer at University of Texas at Arlington, and an Adjunct Professor at Texas Christian University.  To date her classes have supported organizations spanning the globe.  Beginning in 2006 with Invisible Children, her students are now focusing their efforts on Heifer International and The Baby Moses Project.

Service Learning Class

COMS 2305 BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATION (3-0) Insight into communication skills. Designed to give the student experience in interviewing, business presentations, organizational reports, and the relationship of visual and oral presentations to business.

COMS 4322 COMMUNICATION TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT (3-0) The process of analyzing communication problems and providing training skills for businesses and organizations. Emphasizes practical knowledge of facilitating skill improvement in verbal and nonverbal communication. Prerequisite: COMM 2315, COMS 1301 and 2305.

Academic Outcomes

COMS 2305:

  • Learn how to speak in order to be better understood by others
  • Demonstrate conceptual understanding of communication skills associated with business and professional contexts.
  • Gain knowledge as an interviewer as well as an interviewee.
  • Demonstrate the communication and organization skills associated with presenting in a group, a team, and as an individual.
  • Gain experience in solving organizational problems by analyzing the problems and developing creative solutions.
  • Engage in service learning so as to promote a culture of community serving

COMS 4322

  • To develop a knowledge and practical understanding of the training and development process.
  • To provide the knowledge and theories of how adults learn.
  • To develop a knowledge and practical understanding of conducting a needs assessment and task analysis.
  • To write clear and effective training objectives and designing curriculum.
  • To research and properly use sources for training content.
  • To effectively use training methods for presentations
  • To learn and use technology as aids in training.
  • To develop training programs.
  • To effectively deliver the training program to the audience.
  • To recognize and manage conflict in the training classroom.
  • To learn and use the assessments tools for measuring learning outcomes
  • To gain a sense of the career opportunities in the training and development field
  • Engage in service learning so as to promote a culture of community serving

Service Learning Project

COMS 2305:  Students present a formal presentation describing their direct service and analyzing what was effective and what could have been done to improve the process/outcome.  They are also required to “teach” a chapter of the textbook and in doing so, they must provide examples from their service work to support the text material.  At the end of the course the students write an individual reflection paper.  In the paper they are required to analyze their own efforts throughout the course, but specifically the role they played in their service project group. 

Teams and responsibilities:

  1. Research  Select “What You Can Do” tab, select either Fund A Project OR Browse the Gift Catalog.
  2. Group will be responsible for selecting the volunteer/fundraising opportunity that best meets ALL of your needs.
  3. Group can choose to do as much or as little depending on your collective needs…just be mindful to not over-promise and under-deliver)!!!!
  4. Groups will then be assigned a chapter from our text (1-5) to present to the class where you will be expected to draw connections from your involvement in the service project to enhance the material from the chapter.
  5. Must account/document their service hours. 
  6. Service learning for this class involves understanding application of communication theory in practice.
  7. Group will present your journey through this project.
  8. Individual you will be responsible for a life experience paper recounting your experiences throughout the project. 

COMS 4322:

This project’s primary object is to allow you to use your unique voice and talents to construct an appropriate training deliverable to support the objectives/initiatives of The Baby Moses Project. 

Teams and Responsibilities:

  1. Research; AND
  2. Design & deliver a training program to ultimately help educate a specific population about what exactly this program is.  Ultimately, the goal is to help them raise awareness.  Groups may decide to take a more active (direct service) role with the agency, or its’ parent, Alliance for Children, then that is completely up to your group (and much appreciatedJ).
  3. Service learning for this class involves understanding application of academic training & development instruction/content from lectures & text and their real world application.
  4. Groups will present your journey through this project.
  5. Individual you will be responsible for a life experience paper recounting your experiences throughout the project.


COMS 2305-Heifer International

COMS 4322-Baby Moses Project          


COMS 2305:  Approximately $2,100 dollars were raised and used to purchase seed baskets, irrigation systems, 2 goats, 2 heifers, 5 chickens, and a business start-up kit.

COMS 4322:  4 training seminars primary focus was to raise awareness on what The Baby Moses Project is, and to hopefully enable the participants to go and educate others.  These seminars were produced/performed for 2 communication classes, a pregnancy outreach center, and a women’s support group.