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Dr. Alicia Rueda-Acedo

Associate Professor
College of Liberal Arts

UT Arlington Faculty

Dr. Alicia Rueda-Acedo received her Ph.D. in Hispanic Languages and Literatures from the University of California, Santa Barbara (2005). She holds a Licenciatura (B.A/M.A.) in Journalism from the University of Seville and a Licenciatura in Translation and Interpreting from the University of Granada (Spain). She is a Sworn Translator and Interpreter by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and she is the Director of the Certificate in Spanish Translation and the B.A. in Spanish Translation and Interpreting. Dr. Rueda-Acedo was the recipient of the College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Teaching Award (Tenured Faculty) in 2014. She is the author of Miradas Transatlánticas: el periodismo literario de Elena Poniatowska y Rosa Montero (Purdue University Press, 2012), and the editor of Independencias, Revoluciones y Revelaciones, doscientos años de literatura mexicana (University of Veracruz Press, 2010).

Service Learning Class

SPAN 4341 Business and Legal Translation 

Academic Outcomes

  • Analyse original texts for translation and examine the conventions of the text and genre.
  • Identify text’s communicative function and follow translation assignments.
  • Differentiate type of texts, tools, language and strategies for specialized translation.
  • Compare and use parallel texts and reference works (dictionaries, data bases, grammars, internet, thesaurus...)
  • Practice legal and business translation in class and outside class.
  • Provide professional translations at Proyecto Inmigrante, Inc.
  • Describe the major theories of contemporary translation studies.
  • Gain professional and work experience at Proyecto Inmigrante, Inc.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Hispanic community needs in terms of immigration related issues.
  • This course will privilege analytical and creative thinking as related to translation and cultural study.

Students enrolled in Spanish 4341 will demonstrate the ability to translate key terms and phrases in the fields of business and law. They will be able to translate professionally the following documents from Spanish to English and vice versa: a) Certifications of vital records (birth, death, and marriage certificates); b) criminal records; c) Official letters; d) Business and complaint letters; e) Bank account applications; f) Advertising and product placement; g) Academic transcripts; h) University degree plans; i) Official transcripts and diplomas and j) Job application and recommendation letters, etc.

Service Learning Project

Legal Translation and the Hispanic Immigrant Community

Students have the opportunity to participate in Service Learning at Proyecto Inmigrante, Inc. a non-profit organization for immigration counselling services. Students will translate a minimum of 25 hours throughout the semester in the Fort-Worth office of Proyecto Inmigrante. The instructor will teach in class the kind of documents that students will be translating for Proyecto Inmigrante: birth, death, and marriage certificates, municipal letters, criminal records, etc. The instructor and Proyecto Inmigrante’s staff will supervise students’ overall performance. There will be oral discussions about the service learning experience throughout the semester, and students will turn in a reflective paper about their experience with Proyecto Inmigrante.


Proyecto Inmigrante, Inc. Fort Worth Office - 

6850 Manhattan Blvd #200, Fort Worth, TX 76120
(888) 793-2182 ext. 201