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Dr. Karen Allmond

Assistant Professor
Curriculum and Instruction/UTeach Program
College of Education

UT Arlington Faculty

Dr. Karen Allmond has taught in the Texas public school system for 18 years. She has worked with the Arlington, Mansfield, and North East Independent School Districts. Although her teaching experience has encompassed all subject areas, her main emphasis for the past nine years has been in math. Dr. Allmond works with Special Education, General Education, English Language Learners, and Gifted and Talented students. In addition to classroom teaching, her professional experiences have included Math Facilitator, Math Enrichment Specialist, and Instructional Consultant Team Case Manager. Her certifications include ESL, Mid-Management, and Principal.

Dr. Allmond’s undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in History and Technical Science was earned from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1995. Her Master degree in Leadership and Policy Studies was also completed at UTA in 2003. Dr. Allmond completed her Doctorate of Education from the University of Phoenix in 2010.

Other professional activities have included facilitating math workshops for teachers, including topics of vertical alignment, manipulative-based instruction, and using literature in the math classroom. Dr. Allmond has also crated and conducted Math & Science Family Nights and school-wide math programs that integrate math concepts throughout grade levels. Additionally, she has been a mentor for new teachers, member of school and district Site-Based Decision Making committees, member of the Financial Planning Committee for Mansfield ISD, and Lead Teacher.

Service Learning Class

EDUC 4331  Psychological foundations of learning; problem solving in mathematics and science education utilizing technology; principles of expertise and novice understanding of subject matter; implications of high-stakes testing; and foundations of formative and summative assessment. Three lecture hours a week for one semester; additional hours may be required.

Academic Outcomes

This course revolves around an exploration of Essential Questions (see below) specifically relevant to teaching mathematics and science. Students begin by considering what standards for knowing are to be used, how knowing and learning are structured, and how what is known changes and develops. Ultimately, students must think about the tensions between general, cross-disciplinary characterizations of knowing (e.g., intelligence) and the specifics of coming to understand powerful ideas in mathematics and science.

Service Learning Project

Student Prevention Drop Out Mentoring

Description:  Students will engage in a service learning project. The project will begin with students developing questions for a class visit by the Drop Out Coordinators. Students will write a reflection piece regarding the visit. Later (date to be determined) the class will tour the Drop Out Prevention facility for Arlington Independent School to find out about the program from the Coordinators. Students will be assigned a student to mentor and learn about the situations which led to the decision to leave school. The completion of this project will include (1) a reflection piece on the experience and, (2) a 2 page paper on how they will handle students on the verge of dropping out when they are teachers with at least three research references.

Partner: Arlington Independent School District

Product/Result: Students will work with drop out students, mentoring them and learning about the reasons for their choice to leave the school setting.