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Dr. Linda Rouse

Associate Professor
Department of Sociology and Anthropology
College of Liberal Arts

UT Arlington Faculty

Dr. Rouse received her undergraduate degree from Cornell University and Ph.D. from Florida State University.  Prior to her position at UTA she taught at Western Michigan University and as a Visiting Professor at the University of Florida.  Her main areas of research and teaching at UTA are in Social Psychology, Sociology of the Family, Social Statistics and Evaluation Research.     

Service Learning Class

SOCI 3462.001 Social Research, .002-Lab, required capstone course in the sociology major

Academic Outcomes

~ Familiarity with fundamental concepts and principles of research design

~ Advance student skills in qualitative and quantitative research

~ Enhance professional socialization

Service Learning Project


Evaluation research involves systematic collection and analysis of data focused on the need

for, implementation of, effectiveness and efficiency of particular social intervention efforts.

Students design an evaluation research project for a selected social program that includes:

~ description of the program, the organization and its goals

~ theory behind the intended effects, with references to scholarly literature

~ methods of data collection and analysis, in detail, with justification

~ proposed time line of activities and costs

~ statement of what can be learned from the project, and its limitations 

~ executive summary and presentation of project

Teams and Partners

In connection with UTA’s Center for Community Service Learning, students worked with Catholic Charities of Ft. Worth on four programs: Healthy Start, Families First, Human Trafficking, and VITA (tax preparation assistance).  In Spring 2014, four teams of students contributed over 200 hours of volunteer work while observing the operation of the programs in which they participated and, later, reflecting on their experiences. 


Through civic engagement students learned more about their communities and experienced firsthand how social research can contribute to improving social service programs and the lives of the people they serve.          

Developing a research proposal for the Families First Program “was an enriching experience, professionally and personally.  At a professional level, it helped me put into practice what I have learned during this course and all the courses that I have taken in sociology at the University of Texas at Arlington.  At a personal level, I was able to know people of different walks of life and to change the pre-conceived ideas and prejudices I had about those people without knowing their personal experience and what led them to be in their particular situations” – a student reflection