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Dr. Maxine Adegbola

Assistant Professor
College of Nursing

UT Arlington Faculty

Dr. Adegbola received a PhD in Nursing Science from the University of Texas at Arlington, a Masters of Science in Nursing from City University of New York [CUNY], Hunter College, and a Bachelors of Science, Nursing from CUNY, Hunter College. Dr. Adegbola has taught nursing full time for 23 years. Dr. Adegbola began teaching at UT Arlington in fall 2008.

Service Learning Class

N4351- Leadership and Management in Nursing, 3 hours credit.

The course is a required nursing undergraduate course that focuses on exposing students to the role of leaders and managers. For this course, service learning is- A pedagogical approach [teaching method] that intentionally complements  academic goals, provides enriching context for understanding abstract life [social, ethical, cultural, traditions, diversity], helps to develop civic and cultural diversity that explain local needs and real life/world situations, and uses reflection as a vehicle. Service learning:

  • Extends learning beyond the classroom
  • Provides learning to complement  the academic goals of the course  by integration
  • Integrates experiential learning and  relevant academics, using reflection

Academic Outcomes

  • Utilize reflective evaluation to demonstrate caring for others
  • Reflect on the overall learning experiences
  • Develop multicultural attitudes and tolerance for diverse populations
  • Contribute to professional career development, role transition, citizenship, professional identity, leadership skills
  • Critical thinking and application to real life [real-world] situations, problem solving and decision making
  • Utilize deferred judgment, set aside individual bias, judgments, and evaluations in decision making when possible. Ultimately care is provided within the consideration and context of patients’ culture and ability

Service Learning Project

Service Learning with Leadership and Management                    

Description: Graduating senior nursing students and future healthcare providers in a Leadership-Management course will develop a deeper appreciation and understanding of vulnerabilities and challenges marginalized people in the population face when they seek healthcare. Students will become mindful and meet the individuals’ diverse healthcare needs by using a format of inquiry-what, so what, now what? Students will interact with, and interview individuals to understand the individual’s story and intervene intentionally with compassion, mindfulness, caring and civic minded service to improve the individual’s situation. Such civic minded investment will create an impact in the lives of others who seek healthcare. There will be 2.5 hours of the course dedicated to service learning which entails giving the described service and reflecting on service provided. Reflection will be formative [during the interaction] and summative [at the end of the course]. Students will share their impressions, behavior change with colleagues in the course. Additionally, there will be evaluation of the project with questionnaires with pre and post data acquisition. As this course evolves, students will be required to create a deliverable for the institution of clinical practice. Additionally, future findings may impact curricular modifications that integrate experiential learning and relevant academic goals, yet highlight reflection.

Partners: Dallas Fort Worth area hospitals to which students are assigned for the leadership-management course