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Dr. Greg Frazier

Associate Professor of Operations Management
Director, Ph. D. Programs
College of Business Administration

UT Arlington Faculty

Dr. Frazier received a Ph.D. in Production and Operations Management, an MBA, and a BS in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M University. In addition to UTA, Dr. Frazier has taught at Texas A&M University, the University of Oregon, and Harvard University Summer School. Greg began teaching at UT Arlington in the Fall of 1997.

Service Learning Class


Introduction to concepts and problem-solving techniques important in production management and operations management. Topics include demand forecasting, capacity management, resource allocation, inventory management, supply chain management, quality control, and project management.

Academic Outcomes

  • Appreciate the variety of issues involved in operations management.
  • Understand the types of activities necessary for an organization to produce/deliver goods or services.
  • Recognize when different problem-solving approaches may be helpful in operations management.
  • Apply common problem-solving approaches to help make better decisions.

Service Learning Project

Improving Operations at Arlington Boys & Girls Club

The Arlington Boys and Girls Club is experiencing an increase in average daily attendance. As a result, there is insufficient staff to provide transportation services and deliver programs to the kids. The current staffing level is inadequate, particularly in times of peak demand. This service-learning project reviewed the characteristics of demand and the constraints on capacity to develop recommended changes that could help the club meet this increase in attendance. For the Kromer Branch, this project also analyzed the timing of transportation needs, size of vehicles, distance from clubs to schools, and routes taken by drivers.

Team recommendations included the following:

  1. Replacing vans with buses for routes where the number of students exceed 14
  2. Remove any routes outside a radius greater than 2 miles to stay within guidelines of proving community based care
  3. Change existing bus routes
  4. Recruit two volunteers who are able to work from 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. to ensure staff to student ratio stays within established guidelines
  5. Hire bus driver at rate of $10.00 per hour for 2 hours per day at two of the branches
  6. Teen Director to recruit students from junior high schools within acceptable radius

Several months after project conclusion, we received a note from the club director. She thanked us on behalf of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Arlington in gratitude and appreciation for our assistance. Using the transportation study, the Clubs were able to obtain over $125,000 in additional funds. The funding comes from the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA), who assists non-profits by funding requests that generate operating efficiencies that, in turn, generate few emissions. The revised routes and recommended minimum capacity for the buses got the attention of the NTTA. The funding is designated specifically for the purchase of larger capacity vehicles.

Community Agencies:

(Ten groups of five/six MBA students.)
Group 1: John Peter Smith Hospital
Group 2: Tarrant Area Food Bank
Group 3: Big Brothers, Big Sisters
Group 4: Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs of Arlington
Group 5: Presbyterian Night Shelter (Fort Worth)
Group 6: Cowtown Brush Up
Group 7: Meals on Wheels
Group 8: American Heart Association
Group 9: The Cowtown Marathon Organizers
Group 10: Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

*Essential elements of Service Learning are academic rigor, civic engagement, and personal development.