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Dr. Laura Mydlarz

Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
College of Science

UT Arlington Faculty

Dr. Mydlarz received a Ph.D. in Marine Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara and a MS in Biology and BS in Marine Biology from Florida Atlantic University.  Laura joined the faculty in Biology in 2007 and teaches courses in Marine Biology, Cell Physiology and Global Change.

Service Learning Class

Marine Biology BIOL 3357 (undergraduate) and 5357 (graduate).

Academic Outcomes

  • Learn the principles of oceanography and ocean circulation
  • Understand the adaptations of marine organisms to their environment
  • Learn the ecological principles of marine biology
  • Understand human impacts on the sea
  • Communicate human impacts on the ocean to Junior High students

Service Learning Project

This course uses case study discussions and an outreach/service learning project to relate course materials to real-life situations. One of the biggest current issues with marine ecosystems is the effects of human impacts and lack of definitive conservation laws. This is a direct result of lack of public interest or knowledge of the issues.

It is very important for UTA Biology students to be able to effectively communicate science with the general public, no matter what the career goals of the student. Outreach has become a number one priority for many science/ ecology jobs and even graduate students are expected to conduct outreach for their course of study. This project provides excellent training and experience that Marine Biology students can use for graduate/professional school or job applications.

This project is titled COREEF - Community OutReach for Enhancing Ecology Fundamentals. The audience is the 7th grade science classes at Hutchison Junior High in Arlington, TX. The students visit the classes once during the semester to present the culmination of their research on a given topic.  

Past projects have covered topics involving:

  • Carbon cycle
  • Symbiosis
  • Invasive species
  • Beach restoration
  • Overfishing and oceanic food webs
  • The great pacific garbage patch
  • Coral reefs