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Dr. Ronda Mintz-Binder

Assistant Professor
Graduate faculty—Masters degree program
College of Nursing

UT Arlington Faculty

Dr. Mintz-Binder received a D.N.P in Nursing Educational Leadership from Case Western Reserve University in May, 2007.  Additional degrees include a Master’s Degree in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing in 1985 and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in 1982, both of which were achieved through the UCLA School of Nursing. Dr. Mintz-Binder has had a lengthy experience in nursing education, first as a nurse faculty lecturer in a variety of undergraduate courses at UCLA for 12 years and later in the capacity of the Dean and Program Director of Nursing at Los Angeles City College for 5.5 years.

Service Learning Class

N5302 Curriculum Development and Evaluation (3). Explore the nature of nursing education. Focus on the curriculum process and its application to nursing education programs. Prerequisite: Graduate standing.

Academic Outcomes

  1. Analyze current trends that influence nursing education and curriculum development.
  2. Relate a philosophy of nursing or nursing education to the curriculum organizing framework.
  3. Critique structures of selected curricula.
  4. Apply relevant research findings in creating a new curriculum.
  5. Design a curriculum based on specific learner outcomes.
  6. Evaluate the effectiveness of an educational curriculum.

Service Learning Project

Bringing it Full Circle: Presentations of Newly Developed Nursing Education Curricula to Potential Constituents in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area (working title)
As a new component of this course, students will need to seek out a potentially interested community partner that would consider implementing the 3 month curricula developed by groups of students. Topics range from preparing nursing leaders in the hospital, to creating a preparatory course for a medical missionary program, to implementing gaming and other simulation aspects.

Teams, Responsibilities and Prospective Partners

Students need to request a short meeting with a prospective community partner to hear their presentation on an innovative course idea. Once a meeting is set, students will present their curriculum plan and request feedback, thoughts, feasibility etc. Students will then write up an assessment and reflection on how this meeting went, any feedback from the prospective partner and thoughts regarding presenting this course in the future.


  1. Group based curriculum projects—oral and written
  2. Student reflections related to presenting newly designed curricula to a potential consumer
  3. Critical online participation in blackboard course threads detailing graduate student understanding of changes facing nursing education today
  4. A manuscript that reflects a personal assessment of the process of incorporating service learning into a nursing education course that traditionally has not had service learning as an outcome. Student’s qualitative feedback related to their partner presentations will strengthen and validate points included.