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Dr. Yuejiao Zhang

Assistant Professor
English—Technical and Professional Communication
College of Liberal Arts

UT Arlington Faculty

Dr. Yuejiao Zhang is an assistant professor of technical and professional communication. She teaches courses in technical writing, computers and writing, and technical writing pedagogy. Her current research focuses on creativity in technical communication and the teaching of creative problem-solving. Dr. Zhang first implemented service-learning in the Spring of 2011.

Service Learning Class

ENGL3373 Technical Writing. An advanced writing class that prepares students for writing about technical, scientific, and professional subject matters. Students study the concepts and techniques of technical communication and learn to create a variety of documents, such as instructions, visual aids, proposals, reports, and professional correspondences. Prerequisite: ENGL 1301, ENGL 1302.

Academic Outcomes

  • Identify and follow the basic conventions of several technical and professional writing genres.
  • Analyze and identify a communication need for specific audiences.
  • Effectively apply rhetorical strategies to create user-centered documents.
  • Plan, research, write, design, and illustrate a variety of technical documents.
  • Draft and revise writing to ensure concision, clarity, cohesion, and coherence.
  • Develop interpersonal & team interaction skills.

Service Learning Project

Air Quality Index Educational Brochure

Students worked in four groups to create educational brochure for the American Lung Association. Each group targeted a different audience: school-aged children, general public, business, or legislature. During the semester, students met with agency representative, submitted proposals, wrote progress reports, and conducted usability tests. At the end of semester, students presented their brochures to community partner. They also submitted individual reflections on the service-learning experience.

CCSL Website Re-Design Proposal and Look-and-Feel Prototype

Students worked with UTA Center for Community Service Learning. They wrote proposals to re-design the center’s current Website, produced four Website prototypes, and wrote rationales for their designs. They also held 1-hour meetings with the Director of CCSL (Dr. Shirley Theriot) several times throughout the semester. They presented their designs to Dr. Theriot and submitted portfolios.


  • American Lung Association
  • UT-Arlington Center for Community Service-Learning


  • Four brochures for American Lung Association’s Air Quality Index educational program.
  • Website re-design proposals and prototypes for CCSL