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CUIRE Holds 17th Annual Certification Schools!

CUIRE Schools in Conjunction with UCT 2019 in Fort Worth, Texas, Monday and Tuesday, January 28-29, 2019

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Any questions? Contact CUIRE:

(817) 272-9177 or email cuire@uta.edu

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All classes will be at the Fort Worth Convention Center

Rooms 104, 103 A, and 103 B

Monday, Jan 28, 2019

8:00 AM --Noon

School A –

Advanced Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) School

(Part One -- Planning and Design)

School B –

Geotechnical School

(Part One -- Planning for Trenchless Technologies)

School C --

Pipe School

(Part One -- Steel and Rigid Pipes)

1:00 -- 5:00 PM

School D –

Advanced Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) School

(Part Two -- Construction)

School E –

Geotechnical School

(Part Two -- How to Prevent Problems and Case Studies))

School F -- Pipe School

(Part Two -- Flexible Pipes)

Tuesday, Jan 29, 2019

8:00 AM – Noon

School G --

Microtunneling and Pilot Tube School

School H --

Pipe Lining and Renewal School 


Any questions? Contact CUIRE, (817) 272-9177, or email cuire@uta.edu

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ASCE/UESI Utility Surveying, Geotechnical and Pipeline Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington Campus, Monday and Tuesday, March 11-12, 2019

Please visit https://www.uta.edu/engineering/conferences/uesi/index.php for more details.

Trenchless Technology and Pipe Conference (TTP 2019), University of Texas at Arlington Campus

Monday and Tuesday, May 20-21, 2019

Call CUIRE at 817-272-9177 or CUIRE@UTA.EDU for details!



Welcome to CUIRE!

The Center for Underground Infrastructure Research and Education (CUIRE) was established in 2002 with the goal of promoting research, development, and training in underground infrastructure construction and renewal technologies. The Primary goal of CUIRE is to provide leadership in research, outreach and education activities, which enhances safety, cost-effectiveness, construction productivity, environmental improvement in construction and renewal of the aging underground infrastructure.

CUIRE is committed to excellence in research and dedicated to providing programs which increase awareness of infrastructure technologies and methodologies. CUIRE works closely with the industry, government agencies, professional and trade associations, and welcomes membership from all sectors to assure its research and educational topics are relevant and essential to the future of the underground infrastructure.

As part of its mission, CUIRE offers training and certification courses™ for engineers, inspectors, government agencies, and contractors. For more information on our upcoming certification courses contact us.

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