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How Can Engineering Probability Help to Achieve Sustainability?  (for introductory statistics course)

Designing for sustainability requires information on the impacts of the relevant activities, which translates to the need for data that enables measureable outcomes. Given the variety of outcomes that may be employed to quantify “sustainability,” this module asks teams to discuss the relevance of different data sets. For example, a team might consider the energy efficiency of a house. This depends on many factors, including location, building construction, insulation. If we wanted to specifically study the impact of a different color roof (e.g., light vs. dark), and we have a two-story house in Texas with a dark roof and a ranch house in Oregon with a light roof, then one could do a two-sample t-test to compare their electricity usage. The team presents to the class their arguments for how to collect appropriate data.

Life Cycle Sustainability Economics (for Engineering Economics course)

The module covers how traditional economics falls short of sustainability, through the Tragedy of the Commons and externalities. It then discusses several solutions, including triple bottom line accounting, life cycle cost analysis, and incorporating environmental benefits in cost-benefit analysis.

How Can Operations Research Help to Achieve Sustainability? (for Operations Research course)

For a given topic, students should be able to address the following questions:

1) What are the issues that impact sustainability?  
What is currently known about these issues?

2) What are relevant objectives for sustainability?
Do we want to minimize, maximize, or meet a target?

3) What are possible actions to achieve sustainability?
What are practical issues and constraints for implementing these?

4) How can operations research tools be used to guide more sustainable decisions?

Sustainability Metrics (for Metrics and Measurement course)

Outcomes for sustainability can sometimes be tricky to quantify or even to categorize. In this module, students will discuss appropriate metrics for measuring different aspects of sustainability.

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