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NSF Awards Three-Year $250,000 Research Grant on Hazard Mitigation of Civil Infrastructure to Dr. Yazdani

Dr. Nur Yazdani

Dr. Nur Yazdani recently received a three-year $250,000 research project titled “UT Arlington – Spain Collaborative Research on Hazard Mitigation of Civil Infrastructure” from the National Science Foundation (NSF). The objectives of the project are to: (1) expose students to international high quality focused research experience on hazard mitigation of civil infrastructure with expert mentorship; (2) increase the awareness of the students on the importance of global professional engagement, global engineering networking and the world wide criticality of the research topic; and (3) recruit and train students in the program, especially from under-represented groups, attract and retain them in engineering programs, and motivate them for graduate studies. The research projects will be held at UT Arlington and also AIDICO, Technological Institute of Construction, Valencia, Spain. AIDICO provides R&D services to improve building materials/systems, energy efficiency, safety and disaster resistance. Six civil engineering or civil engineering bound undergraduates per year will be recruited for the 6-week summer program (18 total). Six novel IRES research projects that stem from ongoing research projects have been designed.  The projects have excellent correlation with the Disaster Mitigation Group at UT Arlington headed by Dr. Yazdani, a multi-disciplinary effort of faculty members and public/private sectors. Significant collaboration among students, graduate students, faculty and mentors during and post summer, plus extensive dissemination activities are included.