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Barry Alkali

Alkali Barry is a Civil Engineering senior at the University of Texas at Arlington. As a high school student in The Gambia he always wanted to study Civil Engineering in United States. He came to the United States to attend Navarro College from 2007- 2009, after which he transferred to University of Texas Arlington. His employment background includes five years of logistics and management. Alkali plans to graduate in May 2016 after which he plans to pursue graduate studies in Geotechnical engineering. He is fascinated with Geotechnical and Structural engineering and investigates the pathways taken to mitigate erupting problems and the design techniques implemented as solutions and maintenance. He aspires to continue in civil engineering throughout graduate studies culminating in a doctoral degree. In the long term, he intends to make great contributions to a large size engineering firm, and teach at a post-secondary institution. Finally Alkali intends to travel to developing countries to use his skills to help build infrastructures and other philanthropic efforts, especially his homeland Gambia.

Barry Alkali

Major: Civil Engineering

University: The University of Texas at Arlington



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