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Kameron Raburn

I earned a college degree (Associate of Science) before graduating from high school. Traveling internationally to five foreign countries with Global High, I witnessed countless historical engineering marvels across Europe. These experiences further enhanced my desire to become an engineer.

Ensuring the safety of others and service to my community are two of my greatest passions. For over four years I have volunteered my services as a firefighter and emergency medical responder for the Garrett Fire Department. Additionally, over the past year and a half I have held the elected office of Assistant Vice President of the Ellis County Fire Fighters Association. I hope my involvement with the IRES: Spain Collaborative Research Project will now enable me to serve the people of Spain and positively impact the safety level of their civil infrastructure.

For the past four years, during peak summer season, I have worked for Biq Q Aviation at Mid-Way Regional Airport as a Ground Operations Coordinator. Big Q Aviation is a flight school specializing in glider pilot instruction. My major responsibilities included coordinating with tow pilots, flight instructors and student schedules; in addition to ensuring aircraft availability. Most importantly, I had to maintain continuous locational awareness of personnel to ensure the safety of crew and customers


Major: Civil Engineering

University: The University of Texas at Arlington



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