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Summer Host Institution

The proposed IRES summer research effort will be hosted by Polytechnic University of Valencia (PUV), a well-known institute for research and teaching in the civil engineering and building construction fields.

If you are looking for an amazing opportunity for research in civil engineering as well as going to a place having magnificent atmosphere in Spain, University Polytechnic of Valencia is a perfect way to go. University Polytechnic of Valencia was established in 1971, having many bachelor and master degree programs. The two main master degree programs that coincide with civil engineering fields are Building Construction and Civil Engineering. More information about these programs is listed below:

  • Building Constructions: This program’s objective is to further train you in the field in regards to analyzing, planning and executing your works of building. In order for one to get this type of train he or she is required to be go through interdisciplinary training in the current building technologies and new management process in construction. For more information visit
  • Civil Engineering: This program’s objective is to expand ones knowledge in Civil Engineering. Furthermore this program qualifies engineers to practice civil engineering in roads and ports. In addition to this, graduates of this program are qualified for designing, planning and managing in his or her projects. For more information regarding the master’s degree in Civil Engineering visit

There are many faculty and staff members from different departments within this university that participate and advance the education and research. You can talk and get to know the faculty/staff and learn more about civil engineering as well as learning about remarkable places in the city of Valencia.

Joining University Polytechnic of Valencia in research is a wonderful opportunity to know and explore the wonderful city of Valencia.