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UT Arlington Research Experiences for Teachers in Engineering

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Research Experiences for Teachers in Hazard Mitigation

Hydrology: Planning for Extreme Events

floodFaculty Mentors: Dr. John McEnery, PE

Graduate Assistant: Aditya Khandekar

Hazard Type:
Flood Mitigation

2010 Teacher Participants
Miral Kawasmi
Jonathan McClellan

2009 Teacher Participants
Jennifer Cook
David Edwards
Miral Kawasmi

2008 Teacher Participants
Rick Needham

Hydrologic conditions are a critical factor in the study of events hazardous to our population. Drought, flood inundation, disruption or loss of utilities and transportation thoroughfares, siltation of critical water bodies, failure of structures due to river scour and the sustainability of vital environmental regions all hinge upon hydrologic conditions. A significant body of data is needed to analyze these conditions. Changes in the global environment increase the need for current data. The implementation of small-scale “meso-net” monitoring networks has been very effective to North of Texas in Oklahoma for assembling detailed regional rainfall and climatic data sets. The objective of this research is to use rainfall and climatic monitoring technology to assemble regional environmental data sets.

Each participating teacher will be taught the methodology for making such observations. Each teacher will be given software that they can use for developing a regional database of observations and will also be introduced to concepts and procedures for analyzing this data.